Summer Apricot - Short Fill E Liquid

Delight in the luxuriant taste of Summer Apricot, an e-liquid perfect for PG allergy sufferers, available in a 100% VG blend. This gluten-free e-liquid is a top choice for those searching for the best e liquids in the UK, offering a sublime and smooth vaping experience. It's an ideal pick for both connoisseurs and those transitioning from tobacco e liquids.

Note: To fully enjoy the richness of Short Fill E-liquids, it's vital to distinguish them from Long Fill options. Customize your nicotine strength by adding your own nicotine or base mix as needed. Visit our Short and Long Fill E-liquid guide for more details.

Further Information

Ichor Liquid’s Short Fill E Liquids are available in 60ml bottles, prefilled with 50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid. You have a variety of options:

  • Add a 10ml 18mg/ml Nic Shot to achieve a 3mg/ml strength.
  • Opt for a 10ml Base Mix for a completely nicotine-free variant.
  • Use higher strength nicotine to create up to 12mg/ml concentrations.

For all possible combinations, refer to our Filling Chart.

Instructions for Use

Refilling your Short Fill E liquid bottle is straightforward and quick. Here's how to do it:

  1. Unscrew the cap from the bottle.
  2. Take off the detachable drip tip from the top.
  3. Add your chosen nicotine shot or base mix.
  4. Replace the drip tip and cap, then shake vigorously for a thorough mix.
  5. Depending on the blend and your preferences, fill your vape tank or let it steep for enhanced flavour.

Short Fill E Liquid Filling Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Frederick Clark
Summer Apricot

This is my favourite flavour, I’ve been using it for over two years. Good quality liquid.

Frederick Clark
Sunny Apricot

I always buy Summer Apricot it’s a great flavour not too strong. The short fill is a good way to buy you just tip in the nicotine shot give it a shake and off you go. I’ll definitely be buying this again.

Frederick Clark
Apricot clouds

Great flavour and a great liquid.

Frederick Clark
Good Liquid

I have been buying this liquid for some time now and always find it to be of a consistently high quality.

Frederick Clark
Good vape liquid

This is a good vape liquid my favourite flavour in fact.


Really good flavour :-) I have purchased lots of different vape liquids in the few months since I stopped smoking and I have to say, these are the best - I have finally found ones I will stick to. I added extra menthol ice and went for the 30pg/70vg - perfect hit and smoke!

Janice M.
Get this for my husband

Get this for my husband as he is allergic to pg. he loves this and strawberry falls

fresh and flavoursome

not too sweet with just the right strength of flavour.
actual taste is about a third of the way between fresh aprico and dried apricot.

Bec M.
Brilliant product

Brilliant product

Gillian C.
Loving the flavour

Loving the flavour