Nicotine Shot Chart

Short Fill E Liquid Filling Chart

(We have now introduced a more comprehensive Short Fill E Liquid Calculator  or Long Fill E Liquid Calculator to give more precise results. For even more flexibility check out our E Liquid Calculator.)

This chart serves as a guide to illustrate how to top up your shortfall e liquid to the desired nicotine strengths. If you want the Short Fill completely nicotine free, simply top the bottle up with VG or PG. Please note we do not sell 72mg/ml nicotine this must be obtained by other means. You can purchase either Nicotine shots or Nicotine Salt shots from our store.

Target Strength Nicotine Amount Needed
3mg/ml 18mg Nic Shot 10ml 18mg Nic Shot
6mg/ml 72mg/ml 5ml-72mg/ml + 5ml-Base Mix
12mg/ml 72mg/ml 10ml-72mg/ml
Nicotine Free N/A 10ml-Base Mix


Long Fill E Liquid Filling Chart

The nicotine strengths shown in this chart are completely obtainable from purchasing products on our store. You can either use Nic Shots or Nic Salt shots to obtain the same e liquid nicotine strength

check out our e liquid calculator to customise your e liquid. 

Target Strength No:18mg/ml Nic Shots Base Mix Needed
6mg/ml 2 30ml
9mg/ml 3 20ml
12mg/ml 4 10ml
15mg/ml 5 N/A
3mg/ml Buy Short Fill N/A
Nicotine Free Buy Short Fill N/A