About Us

100% VG Juice

Ichor Liquid was first established under a different name in January 2013. We have since been catering primarily, but not limited to those with who have allergies to Propylene Glycol (PG), which is commonly found in the more commercial types of vape juice available on the market.

We’ve received extremely positive feedback from our product range which and in particular to those who have had no luck with e liquids from other vendors. Just take a look at our reviews and see for yourself.

Our VG E Juice

The great thing about 100 VG Juice is that regardless of whether you’re the slightest bit sensitive - VG is suitable for everyone – even consumers who are not prone to allergies. And best of all, it tastes great!

All our Vegetable Glycerin Vape Juices are carefully hand mixed to order here in the IOM (UK) – and can be personalised to your very specific tastes. 

Many of our customers who are highly allergic to standard blend of PG / VG based e liquid have raved about our e juice. You just have to see some of our reviews highlighting how our e liquid is the only product that works for them. Many of these originally customers approached us about their allergies of sensitivity to PG who have all gone on to have astonishing success with our vape juice.

In some instances we have narrowed the cause of the allergy to something other than PG. It could be that you are sensitive to Sucralose, a sweetener which is commonly found in e Liquid too.

If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss your concerns first before purchasing from us or elsewhere.

Our pricing reflects the fact we are offering a premium product that is 100 VG Juice authentic.

How We Can Help In Your Vape Juice Selection?

We pride ourselves in using minimal ingredients to produce the purest and the best tasting VG eLiquids the UK has ever seen.

Our quality ingredients all carry the usual USP, Kosher, Pharmaceutical labelling.

We do not and will NEVER use inferior ingredients therefore our e Liquids are priced to match the premium quality we are offering.

Because we know EXACTLY what makes up our e Liquids, we can work with our customers to eliminate each ingredient to determine specifically which one is the culprit.

Our selection of unique and extremely tasty flavours will provide something for everyone regardless of whether you are allergic to PG or not. We offer a huge range of mixes covering the entire spectrum of VG / PG combinations. For those looking for a great balance and minimal steeping time and do not suffer any allergies to PG we would recommend a blend of 50 % VG / 50% PG as the go to ratio. 

Why Choose Our 100% Vg Juice?

Having served tens of thousands of customers suffering from PG allergies together with their success stories and raving reviews, as well as serving tens of thousands of customers who have no allergies at all we believe our product is the best e liquid the UK has to offer. Our e liquids can only be purchased directly from us at this time