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Ichor Liquid Kiwi Breezer - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Desert Ship - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Coconut Paradise - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Orange Squash - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Virginia Flue Cured - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Congress - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Southern Blackcurrant - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Fizzy Grape - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Strawberry Falls - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Autumn Pear - Short Fill Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Lychee Martini - Short Fill E Liquid
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Ichor Liquid Crimson Watermelon - Short Fill E Liquid
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E Liquid

Choose from our wide range of E Liquid with mixes ranging from and in between 100% VG e-liquid to 100% PG. All are made to order in the Isle of Man (UK). 

Our lightening fast preparation and shipping times ensure you receive your order quickly and in most circumstance the next day. This can however be guaranteed by our next day delivery service (For Isle of Man and UK order only)


Why Vape Liquid

E Cigarettes are now considered one of the best alternatives to traditional smoking. If not for anything, they eliminate the use of ash trays and the inhaling of real smoke. To achieve this remarkable feat, they depend heavily on e liquid - also known as vape liquid - which makes available the much needed nicotine solution. Ecig liquid serves both as fuel to these e-cigarettes as well as the source of flavouring.


The Two Types of E-Juice

E liquids fall under two categories: Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). PG and VG e liquids have a number of similarities. For instance, both types basically have water, food flavoring and nicotine in addition to either a PG or VG base which holds them. Again, they are both non-toxic and FDA approved for both private consumption and commercial use. The two categories are more commonly than not mixed in various percentages to produce the core ingredient to vape liquid.


PG Vape Liquid

This is more popular than the VG based type and here’s why you may want to use them as well as what you need know before using them. Here are the features:

Easily Absorbed: The basic compound here – propylene glycol – has a very low viscosity level. This means it is thinner than its counterpart and moves faster in fabric medium. Obviously, they will be very readily absorbed by the fabric in wick tanks; hence producing the smoke effect faster than VG based e-juice would.


Gunk is Eliminated

When a thicker or denser e-juice such as vegetable glycerin is used, there However, the low density propylene glycol does not give room for this when used. So, if gunk irritates you. PG has you covered.


Has No Taste

While this may not make much sense to you at first, especially if you care less about flavors, it sure will should you develop interest in any particular flavor in the future. When a PG based e liquid is used in e-cigarettes, it allows for full expression of the inherent flavor of the liquid. Completely tasteless and odorless, you can enjoy your favourite flavor without fear of interference by the PG.


Better Throat Hit

One of the goals of vaping is to replicate the sensation of smoking tobacco without actually inhaling tobacco. This goal is very much brought alive in propylene glycol based e liquids. Just like tobacco cigarettes, it will create a sensation of dryness in your throat and mouth if frequently used – thanks to PG’s humectant properties.



This sensation of dryness may not go down well with some users of e-cigarettes; a very few of them anyway. This is because of minor allergic reactions such as tingles in the throat and other parts of the body.


VG Vape Liquid

If you are the kind of e-cigarette user who loves to create great cloud of vapor each time you exhale, vegetable glycerin should be your best friend. Only VG base e liquids can give you that kind of effect which looks almost like smoking tobacco.



VG is made of vegetable oil – a substance that has a lot of hydrogen and carbon elements in it. The obvious implication is that it is denser, more viscous and quite slower than PG in getting absorbed by cartomizers and wicks. The advantage of this arrangement is that you will get a greater cloud of vapor per exhalation when compared to propylene glycol based vape liquids.


Sweeter Flavour

A common property of all esters (a type of natural oil in chemistry)is that they have peculiar scents and natural flavors. In choosing a VG e-juice, you are signing up for something sweeter by default, and some sweet-smelling fragrance.


Lower Allergy Levels

Despite its tremendous density and large vapor volume per exhalation, VG proves to have very minimal allergy levels. It is of little wonder that it is gradually becoming popular among some e-cigarette users.



While VG gives your throat a milder hit – a characteristic which some vapers find interesting – it could get your vaporizer clogged up. This is expected as VG is dense. While neither of PG and VG is better than the other, some users mix them in desired percentages – the more preferred e liquid dominating the mixture. The sweetener in flavourings however is the main factor of clogging up atomiser coils. The less flavouring you use, the longer your coil will last.


Some Popular E-Juice Flavours

Tobacco E-Juice

The flavor in this e-juice is not the typical flavor of dried tobacco. It is prepared from fresh tobacco leaves extract, and can be vaped in combination with other flavors too. This makes it easy smokers looking to quit traditional cigarettes to gradually blend this tobacco flavor with other flavours until they eventually phase it out.


Fruit E Liquid

You can find e-liquids made by extracting single fruit flavors or a combination of various fruits. Several blends exist in the market and you can be sure to find your desired fruit flavor which will help you forget smoking completely.