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E Liquid Safety


e Liquid Health Advice

It is always best to seek medical advice from your doctor before using any e-Liquid
especially if you are sensitive to any food allergies or if you have any of the following conditions:

  • allergy to PG / VG or Nicotine
  • weak immune system
  • a heart disease, an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure or chest pain
  • a jaw condition called TMJ (temporo mandibular joint) disease
  • an over-active thyroid
  • diabetes
  • pheochromocytoma (tumor of the adrenal gland)
  • liver or kidney disease
  • a stomach ulcer
  • asthma or chronic pulmonary disease
  • other allergy or illness that could affect your response to e-Liquid
  • Please also note that there are many medicines that can be affected by nicotine.
    We recommend you seek the attention of your doctor if you are unsure
    if any of your prescription, over the counter medicine or herbal remedies will be affected

Ichor Liquid's E Liquid

e Liquid Health Advice

Our labels are CHIP compliant with safety information and tactile hazard warnings
to ensure they meet with the Trading Standards regulations.

Our childproof caps are standard as we actively promote customer safety at all levels.


e Liquid Label


General Information
  • We only use the best, pharmacy-graded products to manufacture the highest and purest liquids
    that may contain some or all of the following ingredients:
  • USP Grade Propylene Glycol
  • 100% Palm Oil free, USP / KOSHER Grade 99.8%+ Vegetable Glycerin
  • Nicotine in USP Grade Propylene / Glycerin sourced from a top rated supplier
  • Diacetyl Free Artificial Flavourings
  • Surclose Sweetener (trace amount)
  • Ethyl Maltol (trace amount)
  • Malic Acid when applicable (trace amount)
  • Alcohol (trace amount in base flavourings)
  • The e liquids we produce are only to be used with the correct electronic cigarette products.
    They are homemade in a sterile environment and mixed fresh to order.
  • Our e-Liquid is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women or anybody under the age of 18.
    We do not and will not knowing sell or supply to people who are at risk.
  • We advise those who are Diabetic, to use our 100% Ichor Liquid mix only


Storage Advice

For best results, please store your liquids upright in a cool dark room and allow the product to steep for the recommended period of time.
Make sure the room is well ventilated and kept out of reach of children and pets.
We recommend you store your supply in a locked cupboard or drawer which cannot be tampered with.

Please keep away from naked flames or any heat source, and do not mix with incompatible substances.
It is best to store your liquids away from any other substances that can contaminate it.

Our e-Liquid is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women or anybody under the age of 18.
We do not and will not knowing sell or supply to people who are at risk.

Our liquids are supplied in childproof bottles for safety reasons and we strongly
advise you to keep the liquid in its current bottle rather than transfer to a different source.

It is always best to use your liquid before the recommended best before date however,
unopened bottles can be used in excess of this date of up to 18 months.


Safety Advice
  • Nicotine is a Poison.
  • Nicotine, in its pure form and taken in high enough doses can kill.
  • Nicotine is classed as TOXIC and therefore carries the appropriate warning label.
  • Nicotine is addictive and is not intended for non-smokers.
  • Most of our e-Liquid's will contain nicotine and although in small doses,
    we are required to inform you of the following warnings:
    • May cause respiratory tract irritation
    • May be fatal if swallowed or absorbed through the skin
    • Harmful if inhaled
    • May cause central nervous system and skeletal muscular problems
    • May cause adverse reproductive effects based upon animal studies
    • May cause eye and skin irritation


    e Liquid General Information
    • Wash hands thoroughly after handling
    • Remove any contaminated clothing and wash before you reuse
    • Use with adequate ventilation
    • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing
    • Keep container tightly closed
    • Avoid ingestion


    Please follow the appropriate instructions for using some of our flavours as some are not suitable for use in polycarbonate tanks - they may cause cracks in the plastic. We will not be held responsible for any damaged equipment as you use the eLiquid in your electronic cigarette products at your own risk.  

    We advise you to carry out your own research as the concept of vaping eLiquid is new. Since time trials and medical studies have not had the time to produce any conclusive findings about potential risks and affects it may have in the long term, we suggest you make your own mind up about whether to use our liquids.

    If you decide to use our e liquids, please do so at your own risk and refer to our Faq for further information.