Age Verification

Why Do I Need To Prove My Age?

It is illegal in the UK to sell e-cigarettes or any nicotine provide device with patches or gum to anyone under the age of 18. To comply with this we have integrated an age verification system into our store which verifies your age before an order can be sent out to you.


By placing an order with Ichor Liquid, you are agreeing to allow us to conduct an age check on you.


How We Verify Your Age

We verify all our customers to ensure they meet the minimum 18 years of age requirement through our partner AgeChecked 

After placing an order with Ichor Liquid, we then submit your name and billing address details to AgeChecked who carry out the age check. They will then confirm or deny your account based on the data they receive. It is therefore important to ensure the details you send are as accurate as possible (i.e., as shown on your driving licence, the electoral roll or used for a UK credit card) to prevent delays on your purchase

By purchasing from us you are giving us permission to send your information to AgeChecked to carry out this check.

Agechecked make sure the consumers anonymity is a priority. Throughout the entire process, their system will anonymise you. No personal data is kept on their system once the check is complete.

If Agechecked is unable to verify your age for some reason, we will contact you directly to go through other ways of proving your age. If you are unable to provide information you are over 18, we are required by law to refuse the sale to you.

For further information please review our privacy policy