Ichor Rewards

How it Works

Shop, collect reward points, add rewards to your order. It’s that simple.

Start Shopping

Join and place an order and receive Ichor points.


For every £1 spent, you’ll get up to 5 Ichor points.

Spend your Points

Spend your credit on future purchases!

Other Ways To Earn Points.

Like on Facebook

50 Ichor Points

Follow on Twitter

50 Ichor Points

Follow on Instagram

50 Ichor Points

Share on Facebook

10 Ichor Points

Share on Twitter

10 Ichor Points

Sign up

200 Ichor Points

Refer a Friend

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

1. Invite Friends.

Invite your friends to by logging into your reward page and using your referal code, either by sharing or copying your link.

2. They get

300 Ichor Points (£3 Discount)

3. You get

300 Ichor Points (£3 Discount)

Ichor Rewards F.A.Q.

How do I join the Ichor rewards scheme?

You can join the Ichor Reward Points Program by simply registering for an account with us. Start by clicking the “Become a member” above and once you’ve registered to our Rewards program, you can start collecting your reward points.

Is the Ichor Rewards scheme only available in the UK?

Our Ichor Rewards program is available for all of our customers both in the UK and Europe.

How do I use my Ichor Points?

You can apply collected points towards rewards on your next order at Simply view the rewards on your account and apply whichever one you would like to redeem. You will then be presented with a unique code that you can apply to your shipping basket. You can use as many rewards that are available for your account in or simply save them for a future order.

more infor on how do I redeem my Ichor points

Where can I check my Ichor Points balance?

You can check your Ichor Point balance by logging into your account and navigating to the rewards section. Here you will see all the available rewards you can redeem as well as any rewards that you can claim once you have collected enough points.

Do my Ichor Points expire?

No your reward points do not expire.**

Is there a limit to how many Ichor Points I can earn?

No, the sky's the limit. You can collect as many points as you wish. Please note your points have no cash value and can only be redeemed against purchases.

Can I transfer Ichor Points to another account?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer points to another account.

How quickly will my Ichor Points points be added to my account?

Unfortunately, your points cannot be redeemed for cash and can only be redeemed against available rewards on your account.

Can I redeem my Ichor Points for cash?

Unfortunately, your points cannot be redeemed for cash and can only be redeemed against available rewards on your account.

** Maybe subject to change at our discretion in the future.