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Vape good. Postage not

Been using this vape for a while. Bit expensive but 100% VG generally is. The postage is expensive and it's a bit slow to arrive. Husband have 70/30 vg from another site and it's a lot cheaper, postage is free and arrives very quickly but they don't do 100%vg.

Best Virginia tobacco favour i vaped

The moment i opened the bottle the whole room filled with the intense aroma of tocacco and i felt i was rolling a cigarette of tobaco leaves in the middle of a tobacco field.

Premium Pineapple Sling - E Liquid

ichor liquid

first time customer using ichor liquid and enjoyed the blended tobacco i complaints about product or delivery five stars for both.great that ive found a 100% vg liquid that tastes good and at a reasonable price

Always reliable

I have been using Ichor for a while. Good quality liquids, pleasant flavour and super speedy delivery with comms to keep you up to date.

Fizzy Grape - Short Fill E Liquid
Hazel Hughes
Wasn’t bad

Added extra flavour to this one, thought it would be a bit stronger tasting. Also asked for my password to be reset 6 days ago so I could order more! Still not been done and I’ve ran out. Wont be ordering again 😏

Base Mix - 60ml
Ross Blades

This is, as always from IchorLiquid, a great quality product.

Premium Congress - E Liquid
Joanna Hickey
Good Stuff

I've been using Premium Congress E-Liquid for a few years now and I am very happy with it. Good tobacco flavour. It's kept me off the fags and I was a 30 a dy smoker. Customer service is really excellent at Ichor.

Premium Caramel Macchiato - E Liquid
Dan Cross
Caramel cascades

Well balanced and flavoured full VG liquid - I shall be buying more!

Perfect vape for me

This liquid has been "my all day vape" for almost 10 years # i think that tells you what i think of it .

Premium Oasis - E Liquid
Sharon Shaw
Great Product

Have been using Ichor liquids for some years now. They were the only producer that made 100% vegetable glycerol liquids. We have gone from mid-range nicotine levels to 0% which is amazing. The taste is the same and after a few weeks we never felt the change. Delivery has also sped up following a customer survey they did. Great customer-centric company :)

A long awaited review

I have been purchasing these e-liquids for over a year. They are all excellent, decent flavour given they are 100% VG. Service inc delivery is alway great. Bonus points are also a great addition.

Excellent Service

High quality products and excellent service.

A moment's serendipity

I live in England and I was delighted to find that you can ship to here. I have tried Strawberry and now working through a bottle of Blackberry. Really good vape tasty and economic. It was indeed serendipity when I met the company owner whilst in Ilse of Man, so I would say it was a moments serendipity. Will recommend to others and will order again soon. Sofia Lewis

Coconut Paradise - Short Fill E Liquid
Coconut eliquid


Premium Summer Apricot - E Liquid
Rebecca D'Amato
Fabulous !

If Ichor says its apricot then it tastes of apricot, their flavours never taste fake or chemically, I would always recommend them.


Just like all the fruit e-liquids from Ichor it tastes exactly like what it says it is on the bottle, the flavours never taste fake or chemically.

Premium Pineapple Sling - E Liquid - Pure Veg

The ultimate pure veg e-liquid. The flavour is exquisite.


Just like all fruit e-liquids from Ichor it tastes exactly like what it says it is on the label, just the right amount of fizz in this one too, I confess I was worried it may be too fizzy, but nope it was spot on.

Great Vape

This is the only one my husband can use. He is allergic to pg . This is a great vape for him with no side effects whatsoever. Great service as well thank you

Excellent and quick delivery

Premium Blackberry Rush - E Liquid

Always quality

Really enjoyed this. Been using Ichor 4 years, always tops.

my normal juice

perfect always

Premium Honey Flue Cured - E Liquid
Steve Jackson
Love the VG Juice From Ichor

I have been ordering the Premium Honey Flue Cured - E Liquid for many years,
I maybe set in my ways and should try others which I'm sure are great, but it's my favorite, not keen on fruit flavors..