Nerdy Grape - Short Fill E Liquid

Nerdy Grape offers a unique twist to your vaping experience, a 100% VG mix perfect for those with PG sensitivities. Each bottle is handcrafted and made to order, ensuring freshness and the highest quality. This gluten-free e-liquid is a prime choice among vapers in the UK, known for its exceptional standards.

Note: It's important to distinguish between Short Fill and Long Fill E-liquids. Our comprehensive guide here can help you select the right type for your vaping needs.

Embrace the sweet and tangy essence of Nerdy Grape, a flavor that takes you back to the joy of grape-flavoured Nerds candy. Every draw is packed with the luscious taste of grape, delivering a delightful candy-like experience. This e-liquid is perfect for those who crave a sweet, grape-infused treat, evoking memories of childhood with its authentic and playful flavour. Nerdy Grape is more than just an e-liquid; it's a nostalgic journey with every puff, making it one of the best choices for vapers seeking a fun and fruity vape experience.

The Nerdy Grape e-liquid is meticulously crafted with these high-quality ingredients:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade (99.9%) Vegetable Glycerin (derived from rape seed)
  • Pharmaceutical Grade (99.9%) Propylene Glycol (If applicable)
  • Grape and candy flavourings based in Ethyl alcohol
  • Gluten Free
Further Information

Ichor Liquid's Short Fill E Liquids, like Nerdy Grape, come in 60ml bottles, pre-filled with 50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid. You can customize your experience as follows:

  • Add a 10ml 18mg/ml Nic Shot to achieve a 3mg/ml concentration.
  • Use 10ml of our Base Mixes for a nicotine-free variant.
  • Opt for a higher strength nicotine to create strengths up to 12mg/ml.

Consult our Nicotine Shot Chart for detailed mixing options.

Instructions for Use

Preparing your Nerdy Grape Short Fill E Liquid is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the bottle cap.
  2. Remove the detachable drip tip from the top.
  3. Add your selected nicotine shot or base mix.
  4. Reattach the drip tip and cap, then shake the bottle well to ensure proper mixing.
  5. Based on your preference and the mix, either fill your vape tank or let the e-liquid steep for a while for enhanced flavor.

Nicotine Shot Chart

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