Lychee Martini - Long Fill E Liquid

Introducing Lychee Martini, a unique 100% VG mix, perfect for vapers with PG sensitivities. Handcrafted and gluten-free, it represents a new pinnacle in the UK's best vape liquids. Its superior ingredients assure a peerless vaping experience, setting a benchmark for quality and taste. Lychee Martini is not just an e-liquid; it's a voyage into exquisite flavours, destined to be a favorite among connoisseurs.

Note: Please be aware that Long Fill and Short Fill E Liquids are different. Adding your own nicotine and base mix is crucial for achieving the desired strength. Our comprehensive guide here will provide further information.

Further Information

Lychee Martini Long Fill E Liquids are provided in 60ml bottles, part-filled with our exclusive lychee flavour concentrate. There is ample room to add about 50+ml of nicotine or base mix, allowing you to customize your nicotine strength. For guidance on achieving the perfect blend, see our nicotine shot chart.

These Long Fill E Liquids are ideal for vapers who prefer nicotine strengths over 3mg/ml. Simply add the required Nic Shots or Base mix along with your Lychee Martini E Juice to personalize your vaping experience.

Instructions for Use

Preparing your Lychee Martini Long Fill E Liquid is simple and efficient. Follow these instructions:

  1. Unscrew the cap from the bottle.
  2. Remove the detachable drip tip from the top.
  3. Infuse the nicotine shot or base mix as preferred.
  4. Reattach the drip tip and cap, and shake well for a complete blend.
  5. Depending on your taste preference and the specific mix, fill your vape tank or allow it to steep for an optimal period before use.

Long Fill Filling Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Simon Cook
Fantastic products at great prices

I came across Ichor liquids when I was looking for a supplier that offered a 100% VG mix, service has always been excellent with the added bonus of very quick delivery.

Cristina Bran
Amazing quality, my go to for nearly a year now

Every single order has been delivered fast and the quality of the liquids is behind amazing.

Faith M.
Lychee with ICE ! lovely

Lychee with ICE ! lovely mix, not too sweet

Nigel M.
Very pleasant.

Very pleasant.

Stewart N.
Great service & product... will

Great service & product... will definitely use again and recommend to my friends

Donna V.
Really lovely flavour

Really lovely flavour

John S.
Great Flavour

Great Flavour

Glenn B.
Lychee martini

This juice I ordered is really fabulous!! I luv it!! & it comes very quick! Will order again.. thanks!

A very interesting flavour, I

A very interesting flavour, I bought this for my brother since he is pg sensitive , I also had a vape with it too we like the flavour just right flavour it is a light bright refreshing flavour, this is also quite sweet too.

Mark R.
Different but very nice and

Different but very nice and clean taste.