Caramel Macchiato - Short Fill E Liquid

Immerse yourself in the rich essence of Caramel Macchiato. This e-liquid is a masterpiece for those seeking the best vape liquid uk, offering a 100% True VG blend for PG sensitivity. Each bottle represents our dedication to quality and freshness. A gluten-free option in the realm of best e liquid brands, it caters to diverse preferences and health needs.

Note: Choosing between Short Fill and Long Fill E-liquids is essential. Our guide at Long Fill or Short Fill E-liquid will help you make the right choice. Add nicotine or base mix as per your preference for the ideal strength.

More Details

Each Caramel Macchiato bottle is a 60ml size with 50ml of pre-filled e-liquid. Enhance your vaping by:

  • Adding a 10ml 18mg/ml Nic Shot for a desired 3mg/ml strength.
  • Using 10ml of our Base Mixes for a nicotine-free vape.
  • Customizing with higher nicotine levels up to 12mg/ml by adding your chosen nicotine solution.

Discover all the possibilities with our Nicotine Shot Chart.

How to Use

Preparing your Caramel Macchiato e-liquid is easy:

  1. Unscrew and remove the bottle cap.
  2. Take off the detachable drip tip from the top.
  3. Add your preferred nicotine shot or base mix.
  4. Reattach the drip tip and cap, then shake thoroughly.
  5. For the best flavor experience, directly fill your vape tank or allow the e-liquid to steep as desired.

E-liquid Preparation Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Pam Ingram

Really didn't like this, to me it tasted like sick! will not buy again.

Reece Hasell

Premium Caramel Macchiato - E Liquid

Kevin Cooper
Lovely flavour

Love this flavour, does tend to wear coils out faster than other flavours but still great

Ross Blades
Delicately Balanced

A fine coffee flavour with a nice caramel sweetening

Alexander Mackay
Great flavour

Had this before come back often as it’s a great contrast to other more tobacco flavours also like fives

Tim S
Great product

Lovely flavours and a really smooth hit. Will use again.

Dr T.
Excellent in every way.

Excellent in every way.

darren s.
Great service and rapid delivery

Great service and rapid delivery in these uncertain times. Hats off.

Mark R.
Always good what you would

Always good what you would expect from a wonderful company.

james K.