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Black Magic - Long Fill Long Fill E Liquid

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Black Magic is as dark as the night with its mild cigar flavour and rich cocoa notes - this is one e liquid you'll be sure to keep coming back for.

Black Magic has been a firm favorite of ours for over a year.

We would recommend pairing with either one of the optional extras:
  • Cream
  • Coconut
  • Vanilla

Further Information

Ichor Liquid’s Long Fill E Liquids are all 60ml bottles, part filled with our flavouring concentrate. There will be enough to add roughly 50+ml of nicotine / mix to create your desired nicotine strength. Check out this guide for more information.

Our Long Fill E Liquids are more suited to those who want a nicotine strength higher than 3mg/ml. Simply purchase the additional Nic Shots / Base mix a long with your chosen Long Fill E Juice. 

Filling the Long Fill E liquid bottle is simple and should not take longer than a couple of minutes to perform. Follow the below instructions:

Long Fill Filling Guide 

How to use Long Fill E Liquids

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Black Magic

Love the liquid, but extra flavour of coconut needs to be stronger.


Premium Black Magic - E Liquid

Stephen Laundy

A really tasteful flavour!

Sarah C.
I really do love the

I really do love the flavour of Black Magic and because it is 100% VG I have been recommending it to friends.

Muhammad O.
B M Not for me

B M Not for me

Roy E.
Although a I bought the

Although a I bought the extra flavour option of Black Magic I find it stills seems to fall a little short on flavour, I am now considering mixing it with Congress to see if it boosts the flavour.

Sarah C.
Totally love Black Magic vape

Totally love Black Magic vape Liquid, pure VG marvellous as I have PG allergies. It is my new favourite it is smooth and flavorsome, on my second order. Love the products, sevice and delivery charges. Ichor is now my regular retailer for vape liquid. I am even trying out a few flavours that I usually wouldn't as the quality of the products makes me sure that I can use them, even if the flavours turn out not be a preference.

Michael M.
One of the better new

One of the better new flavors I've tried in a long time. Also one of the most complex flavor profiles. I'd definitely get Black Magic again. A new favorite!

John E.
Thoroughly enjoyable.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

bill f.
very good e-liquid good flavours

very good e-liquid good flavours