Midnight Blueberry - Long Fill E Liquid

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship with each bottle of our Midnight Blueberry E-Liquid. Ideal for those sensitive to PG, it comes in a 100% True VG blend, as well as other mix options. Each bottle is meticulously handcrafted and made to order, ensuring unmatched freshness and top-notch quality. Free from gluten and made with premium ingredients, this e-liquid offers a flawless vaping experience, ranking it among the best e-liquids in the UK. For vapers seeking unparalleled quality and taste, this is the quintessential choice.

Note: Long Fill E-liquids and Short Fill E-Liquids differ significantly. Ensure you choose the right one by consulting our comprehensive guide on long fill and short fill e-liquids. Personalize your nicotine strength by adding your own nicotine or base mix as per your preference. Learn more in detail here.

Further Information

Ichor Liquid’s Long Fill E Liquids are presented in 60ml bottles, with an ample space to add about 50+ml of nicotine or mix for achieving your desired nicotine strength. Refer to our nicotine shot chart for detailed guidance.

Opt for our Long Fill E Liquids if you prefer a nicotine strength exceeding 3mg/ml. Simply add the necessary Nic Shots or Base mix to your chosen Long Fill E Juice for an ideal mix.

Instructions for Use

Effortlessly prepare your Long Fill E liquid with these simple steps:

  1. Unscrew the bottle cap
  2. Detach the drip tip from the top
  3. Add in your choice of nicotine shot or base mix
  4. Reattach the drip tip and cap, then shake vigorously for a couple of minutes
  5. Based on your preference and the mix, either fill up your vape tank or allow it to steep for some time

Long Fill Filling Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Robert Howard

Premium Midnight Blueberry - E Liquid

Colleen Gardner
Vegan vape oil

Smooth smoke without the pesticides it

Jenny Geddes
Blueberry no sweetners

Was really excited to try this as wanted something without sweeteners, unfortunately it is really artificial tasting not keen, disappointed. Tasted like bubble gum. Brilliant service and very fast delivery

isabel T.
Not to my taste

Not to my taste

Teresa W.
100% VG

Being allergic to PG and normal high street options this has been excellent for me. Excellent service and really quick shipping. Seriously recommend

Andy M.
This is my favourite flavour,

This is my favourite flavour, I think it's great!

Michelle K.
Its a great flavour but

Its a great flavour but not quite as great as Blackberry Rush :)

If u like the Blackcurrent/Plum/Blackberry

If u like the Blackcurrent/Plum/Blackberry you'll like this 1.
Tasts a fraction too sweet for me thouh, think I'll get it with no sweetner next order.

Lee R.
Great company. Speedy delivery and

Great company. Speedy delivery and awesome vapes!

Victor A.
Very smooth and leaves a

Very smooth and leaves a delicious, real blueberry taste