Old Captain - Short Fill E Liquid

Old Captain, a distinguished choice within the best vape liquid category, is a true artisanal creation. This e-liquid is crafted for perfection, offering a 100% VG blend for those with PG sensitivities. Handmade with care, each batch ensures freshness and top-tier quality, meeting the high standards of the best e liquids in the UK. Its gluten-free formulation makes it accessible to a diverse range of vapers.

Note: Please be aware of the differences between Short Fill and Long Fill E-liquids. To make the right choice for your vaping pleasure, refer to our guide here.

Old Captain is an e-liquid that eloquently captures the essence of a robust, slightly sweet tobacco flavour, infused with an elegant and distinctive liquor taste. This blend is especially appealing to those who enjoy the rich depth of Kahlua. It's a sophisticated choice for connoisseurs seeking the best tasting e liquid that offers more than just a vaping experience – it's a journey through refined, luxurious flavours.

The Old Captain e-liquid is composed of these high-quality ingredients:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade (99.9%) Vegetable Glycerin (derived from rape seed)
  • Pharmaceutical Grade (99.9%) Propylene Glycol (If applicable)
  • Rich tobacco and liquor flavourings
  • Gluten Free
Further Information

In every 60ml bottle of Ichor Liquid's Short Fill E Liquids, such as Old Captain, there is 50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid. You can tailor it to your preference:

  • Add a 10ml 18mg/ml Nic Shot to reach a 3mg/ml nicotine strength.
  • Mix in 10ml of our Base Mixes for a nicotine-free variant.
  • Or use a higher strength nicotine to create stronger mixes up to 12mg/ml.

Discover more about mix options on our Nicotine Shot Chart.

Instructions for Use

Preparing your Old Captain Short Fill E Liquid is straightforward:

  1. Unscrew the cap of the bottle.
  2. Remove the detach able drip tip from the top.
  3. Add the desired nicotine shot or base mix.
  4. Reattach the drip tip and cap, then shake the bottle vigorously for optimal mixing.
  5. Depending on your preference and the mix, fill your vape tank or allow the e-liquid to steep for a more developed flavor.

Nicotine Shot Chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
John Harmon

This is by far the best e liquid I have tried and I have tried an awful lot. Its easy on the throat and has chocolate and vanilla type aroma with a rum and tobacco taste. I use old captain all day every day and its the only e liquid I buy. Ichor liquid is by far the best retailer of eliquids I have found and I have tried almost all the known sites. Definitely recommend trying this or one if the many others liquids they do.

Unforgetful vape

Im vaping Old Captain at 11 watts MTL on my Phebe tank with a Japanese organic cotton coil. Its a very distinctive dark sultry vape, slightly sweet, and with a hint of liquorice.Its one of those vapes that youll never forget the flavour of, and it will grown on you so you will definately want to order some more.

Roar Gjelstenli
Dont received yet

Not received anything yet

John Harmon
Best liquid around

I've tried an awful lot of e liquids but was so glad I found ichor and old captain, it is hands down the best I've tried. I vape this all day with no probs and recommend it to all vapers.

George B.
Great in small doses, although

Great in small doses, although the liquid is great quality as always the longer you vape the heavier this becomes. The taste is simply not for me as an all day vape

stephen d.
Best flavor out of everything

Best flavor out of everything i tried. Liquid is not too thick. Wicks great even with low nic.

Keith M.
Great tasting liquid, reminds me

Great tasting liquid, reminds me of something nice, not sure what.

Kevin W.
I had to try it

I had to try it but i'm sorry just not for me

Simon B.
A Smoke for men not

A Smoke for men not boys ! I enjoyed it not as much as the Congress which is excellent it tastes just like the Gold Flake cigarettes you used to get in the 1970’s in fact they should rename it Gold Flake.

bill f.
love it

love it