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Ichor Speciality E Liquid - Short Fill

Select from our Speciality E liquid Short Fill Range. Here we offer uniquly flavoured e cig liquid. Each flavour here requires exact measurement combinations to achieve the best results. The list below took months to create. Expect more to be added in the near future. Our e Juice is individually hand mixed here in the Isle Of Man (UK) to ensure 100% quality.

Ichor Liquid’s Short Fill E Liquids are purchased in 60ml bottles, part filled with 50ml of Nicotine Free E Liquid allowing a further 10ml of Nicotine or Base Mix to be added by yourself. This can be done quickly and effortlessly. See our table comparison for a brief overview on how to prepare both Short and Long Fill E-Liquids here.
Please note: all Short Fill E Liquids are Nicotine Free.

  1. Unscrew the cap from the bottle
  2. Remove the detachable drip tip from the top
  3. Pour in nicotine shot or base mix
  4. Replace the drip tip and cap and shake for a good couple of minutes
  5. Depending on the mix and personal tastes, either fill your vape tank, or set aside to steep for a period of time

Nicotine Strength Chart

Target Strength
Nicotine Strength
Qty of Nic Needed
18mg Nic Shot
10ml: 18mg Nic Shot
5ml: 72mg/ml + 5ml: Base Mix
10ml: 72mg/ml Nicotine
Nicotine Free
No Nicotine
10ml: Base Mix
Ichor Liquid Caramel Macchiato - Short Fill E Liquid
£14.99 GBP
Ichor Liquid Bubble Gum Burst - Short Fill E Liquid
£14.99 GBP
Ichor Liquid Oasis - Short Fill E Liquid
£14.99 GBP