Congress - Long Fill E Liquid

Discover the authentic taste of tobacco with Congress - Long Fill E Liquid, a perfect choice for those seeking a genuine tobacco alternative. This e-liquid, available in a 100% VG mix, is also ideal for vapers with PG sensitivities. Each batch is freshly crafted, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction.

Note: Understanding the difference between Long Fill and Short Fill e-liquids is key to a personalized vaping experience. Customize your nicotine strength by adding your own nicotine or base mix. For more information on this process, visit our guide here.

For those in search of an e-liquid that truly mirrors the taste of real tobacco, Congress is the answer. Often regarded as the closest match to the real thing, it offers a sophisticated, rich, and authentic tobacco flavour. Perfect for traditionalists and connoisseurs alike, Congress e-liquid provides a refined and genuine tobacco experience, unmatched in its similarity to actual tobacco.

The esteemed Congress e-liquid is meticulously crafted using these high-quality ingredients:

  • Flavourings based in Ethyl alcohol
  • Added Sweetener (Sucralose)
  • Gluten Free
Further Information

Our Long Fill E Liquids are supplied in 60ml bottles, part-filled with our premium flavour concentrate, leaving space to add up to 50+ml of nicotine or mix. This design allows you to precisely customize the nicotine strength to suit your vaping preferences. Explore our nicotine shot chart for more details.

These liquids are particularly suited for those who prefer nicotine strengths above 3mg/ml. With the flexibility to add Nic Shots or Base mix, our Long Fill E Liquids provide the freedom to create your desired vaping experience.

Instructions for Use

Using your Long Fill E liquid is straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the cap from the bottle.
  2. Remove the detachable drip tip from the top.
  3. Add your chosen nicotine shot or base mix.
  4. Reattach the drip tip and cap, and shake well for a few minutes.
  5. Based on the mix and your personal taste, fill your vape tank or allow it to steep for a period.

Long Fill Filling Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Congress is my fav!

After so much trial and error i seem to have settled with congress(with caramel! its so nice) as my everyday vape for quitting cigs. Dispatch/Delivery is always fast, flavours are great and love the new rewards system too :)

joe morton

Premium Congress - E Liquid

joe morton

Premium Congress - E Liquid

Clive Wilson

Premium Congress - E Liquid

Michael O'Connell

Good stuff, nearest flavour to Old Holborn

Andrew W
Same great flavour ~ Easy personalisation

Nic strength and strength of flavour can be fine tuned easier using a concentrate, it helps the pocket a little too.

Sally Losinska
Best vg liquid I have found

Super product and service.

Very speedy delivery

I love my product. I feel great knowing my E-liquid is pure 100%. VG. The flavor is tasteful the smoke is nice and it is well worth it made exactly the way I visioned.

Trevor Brown
Congress eliquid

Excellent eliquid don’t ever stop making it please

Tomas K.
Great taste and 100% VG.

Great taste and 100% VG. Will buy again.