Orange Squash - Short Fill E Liquid

Orange Squash is an exceptional choice within the best e liquid brands, offering a unique and refreshing vaping experience. Ideal for those with PG sensitivities, this 100% VG blend is handcrafted and made to order, guaranteeing the utmost freshness and quality. It's a gluten-free e-liquid, making it suitable for a wide range of preferences, and stands out as one of the best vape liquids UK for its nostalgic and refreshing taste.

Note: It's important to understand the differences between Short Fill and Long Fill E-liquids. For more information and to ensure you choose the right option for your needs, please refer to our guide here.

Orange Squash captures the essence of the classic orange squash drink. This e-liquid is a perfect replication of the beloved beverage, offering a taste that's refreshing but not overly sweet, nor overpowering. It's an excellent choice for vapers seeking a delightful all-day vape. For an even more unique experience, we recommend adding cream, menthol, or both, creating a blend that's sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The Orange Squash e-liquid is comprised of these high-quality ingredients:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade (99.9%) Vegetable Glycerin (derived from rape seed)
  • Pharmaceutical Grade (99.9%) Propylene Glycol (If applicable)
  • Authentic orange flavourings
  • Gluten Free
Further Information

In every 60ml bottle of Ichor Liquid's Short Fill E Liquids, such as Orange Squash, you'll find 50ml of top-quality nicotine-free e-liquid. Personalise your vaping experience:

  • Add a 10ml 18mg/ml Nic Shot for a 3mg/ml nicotine level.
  • Include 10ml of our Base Mixes for a totally nicotine-free option.
  • Or use a higher strength nicotine to achieve strengths up to 12mg/ml.

Check out our Nicotine Shot Chart for all the various options.

Instructions for Use

It's easy to prepare your Orange Squash Short Fill E Liquid:

  1. Unscrew the bottle cap.
  2. Remove the detachable drip tip from the top.
  3. Add your preferred nicotine shot or base mix.
  4. Reattach the drip tip and cap, and shake well for an even mix.
  5. Based on your taste and the chosen mix, fill your vape tank or let the e-liquid steep to enhance the flavour.

Nicotine Shot Chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Brian Ogilvie
Can`t put it down

I got this in 50/50 with cream and menthol, needs to steep for about a week but after that its one of the best liquids I've tasted after about 7 yrs of vaping, I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Ben Maughan
Something isn't right

Ichor was one of the first liquids i tried & wow, smooth with great flavors.

This orange has been unvapeable sadly guys, as soon as i vape it, it takes my breathe away with harshnes & through my rda is just horrible.

The grape was smooth, nice vape just tastes a little artificial.

Was disappointed to be honest

S B.
Great juice. Nice orange flavour

Great juice. Nice orange flavour but extra flavour won't be too strong

Michael M.
Simply amazing with the cream

Simply amazing with the cream & menthol! There are many clean, solid flavors from Ichor but this one is special. Would give 6 stars if possible.

Simon C.
Lovely taste will buy again

Lovely taste will buy again

Gillian R.
Excellent liquid, great flavour! Had

Excellent liquid, great flavour! Had nasty side effects using other juice which are now gone.

Jonathan K.
Love this flavour - I'm

Love this flavour - I'm really into the fruity citrus ones.
100% VG is my thing as the slightest trace of PG brings me out in Hives...
Received my items in the usual quick-style delivery from Ichor. Great Company to deal with.

Steven P.

Colette L.
Great flavour. Fast delivery. Will

Great flavour. Fast delivery. Will definitely be ordering more :grin:

Anneke O.
My all day vape, I

My all day vape, I love it (with extra flavour and menthol)