Winter Is Here - Vaping During the Winter Months

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Winter Is Here - Vaping During the Winter Months

As winter approaches, thermostats move up while thermometers are going down. Vaping in Winter requires people to keep in mind some special considerations to make their vaping experience as awesome as other months of the year. Winter is here, that only means seasons have changed and so should your vaping methods.

Tips There are several tips that promote efficient and safe vaping in cold weather. The following are some tips to follow when vaping in Winter:

Metal Drip Tips

Frostbite is inevitable in Winter and users of e-cigarettes should be concerned because human skin easily sticks to cold metallic surfaces. The last thing you want is your tongue and lips suffering a similar fate when utilizing a vaping tank that is equipped with a drip tip that is metallic at very low temperatures. The best approach is to get replacement mouthpieces made of glass, rubber or plastic. Batteries

Vaping in Winter

Batteries and cold weather are never compatible. Most batteries cease to function at temperatures of –20C. Cold weather slows down the chemical processes in batteries thus decreasing their energy levels. This in turn results in weaker performance and decreased battery life. This means that vapers should keep their mods in the inner pockets of their clothing. In addition, it would be wise to always carry some spare batteries and a charger. Moisture

Winter causes most things to be wet and vape gear is not an exception. The last thing you want is deadly unwelcome water on vape gear. This means that all devices should be kept in places that are covered and warm i.e. far from the elements. Snow might appear harmless due to its solid state, but it is not. Lips

Harsh Winter can take a toll on the lips. It is good to have a lip balm to avoid chapped lips that have flakes as they may ruin the vaping experience. Ensure that your lips are well moisturized and smooth. Smooth lips facilitate a great smoke through vape.


It is best to always keep an e-liquid in a warm place. Use an e-liquid that has a higher PG content i.e. 50 – 70% to have a good vaping performance during the cold months of winter. It should be noted that the content of frozen e-liquid does not change but it needs to be thawed prior to use and this is what takes significant time. Gloves

Gloves make it difficult to tinker around the mod settings, dripping and coils. In fact, they might hinder the user from pressing the fire button. This means that vapers should use mods that have large firing buttons during winter as they are much easier to handle when you have gloves on.

The tips outlined above are not exhaustive as there are many more.


Vaping in Winter is not that bad especially if the above insightful tips are followed. Other vaping tips to consider for winter are: i. Vaping to be done indoors to prevent any mishap. ii. Vegetable glycerin liquid ought to be avoided due to its tendency to crystalize and its viscous nature.