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Switching To Vaping Could Save Smokers Millions of Life Years

  • 2 min read

A recent study by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre has published their results stating that smokers will live longer lives if they switched from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The study concluded that if 6.6 million smokers living in the United States switched from smoking to e-cigarettes, they could live an extra 87.6 million years longer collectively. The calculations of the study were based on smokers quitting and choosing e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes over ten years. The variables that the team considered included the potential harm from the e-cigarettes, the amount of youth uptake and the amount of cessation. 

The Georgetown University Medical Centre stated on its website that the study was based on two projections, an optimistic projection and a pessimistic projection, these were in turn based on a number of different scenarios concerning the harmful use of e-cigarettes compared with traditional cigarettes. Factors also included the differences in the time when smoking was initiated in the individual, when it ceased and when the cigarettes were switched for e-cigarettes. Both the positive and negative scenarios found that there would be a notable number of otherwise premature deaths prevented and a much larger number of life years would be saved. The pessimistic scenario resulted in the findings that 1.6 million people who formerly smoked traditional cigarettes could live a collective 20.8 million years of life. While the optimistic scenario results stated that 6.6 million smokers of traditional cigarettes who swapped to e-cigarettes would live a total of 86.7 more life years. The results of the study also showed that switching from traditional to e-cigarettes would not only increase years lived but there would be a number of other related health benefits. This list includes a reduction in disability from smoking, a reduction of exposure to second-hand smoke and a general reduction in diseases that are linked to smoking. The results of the study were published in the Tobacco Control and the authors of the study were led by Doctor David Levy, a professor at Georgetown Lombardi. Dr Levy, a professor of oncology, has said that this is the very first study of its kind to test what occurs when e-cigarettes are replaced by traditional cigarettes. The research was funded by the National Institute of Health and incorporated scientists from a number of universities, as well as research groups. With this in mind why not check out our Vape Liquid Flavours. They are offered in multiple mix configurations including 100% VG perfect if you suffer from allergies to PG.