Winter is Here Continued - A Guide On What To Expect

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Winter is Here Continued - A Guide On What To Expect

Continuing on from our previous blog post - Winter Is Here, I'd like to discuss in more detail what to expect from your e liquid specifically to our Ichor Liquid e Liquid brand.

E juice and especially high VG e juice is very sensitive to the weather. The colder the weather the thicker VG becomes. This poses a problem in several areas.


Since our e liquids are made fresh to your order, when they arrive they will have had only 1 or 2 days worth of steeping. For higher PG Tobacco liquids, they may well be ready to vape and taste perfectly fine. However for the denser VG e liquids and especially the fruit flavoured ones, the taste will not have matured enough.

In the warmer weather simply putting placing these on a table or in a drawer for a week will be enough for the steeping process to complete, however during the colder whether they need to be kept somewhere warm. An airing cupboard or a constantly warm room is ideal.

This will ensure the VG remains thinner and can steep more efficiently. You can read through our Steeping guide for more advanced methods of steeping, but for those not looking to to get technical just make sure it is kept in a place that resembles the summer temperature.

Vaping in Winter


Most e cigarettes today have gone through multiple revisions, generations and evolutions and work with all kinds of vape liquid types. They are more powerful now than they used to be (especially those Sub Ohm types) and burn e liquid at a much higher rate.

As the weather gets colder, VG based E liquids will get denser and become increasingly more inefficient at saturating the wick of the atomiser. This will cause the wick to dry out causing a "dry hit"

To prevent this from happening, make sure you fire your e-cig a few times prior to vaping it. This will heat the liquid in the tank up and therefore thinning it. This is particularly a must if you have not used your electronic cigarette over a period of hours i.e. over night while you are sleeping.


My advise to make things easier is to move a level up during the winter. i.e. if you are used to 70% VG move to 50% VG. If you are allergic to PG then follow the advise above.

Order your e liquid in advance of needing it, allowing plenty of time to steep (1 - 2 weeks) and remember now its Christmas time, The Royal Mail gets extremely busy and delays will most likely occur.