The Day of the Vape: Smokers Making the Switch to E-cigs

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The Day of the Vape: Smokers Making the Switch to E-cigs

Since vaping blew its way onto the global scene, it's been the subject of endless controversies, myths, and downright misinformation. While it’s understandable that people will always be a bit wary of change and new ways of doing things, the criticisms leveled against vaping and e-cigs, in general, are particularly baseless.

Every four minutes, one smoker in the United Kingdom makes the decision to switch to vaping, and there’s good reason for that. Let’s see if we can’t clear up some of the theories and rumors clouding the phenomenon and find our way to the clear facts.


Helping Smokers Quit, the Painless Way 

One of the most persistent claims made by those against vaping is that e-cigs represent a gateway for young people to get into smoking habits. You’ll hear these claims pop up every few months or so, like clockwork, and they are always debunked with ease. The simple fact of the matter is that the numbers just don’t add up to support this claim. A study carried out by the Public Health Ministry of England in 2016 brought forth the result that almost all of the 2.6 million e-cig users in the United Kingdom are either current smokers trying to quit the habit through vaping or former smokers. The numbers don’t lie.

Smokers Becoming Vapers

What makes vaping such an effective aid to smokers in their efforts to rid themselves of the nicotine habit is the fact that it gives them a chance to gradually reduce their nicotine habit over time, which is a whole lot easier and has a much higher success rate than giving it up cold turkey.

Another plus in the e-cig column is that it allows smokers in their quitting process to dispose of their nicotine dependency while accommodating their hand-to-mouth habit, which softens the withdrawal shock to the system. This might not seem to be that big of a deal but it can make all the difference between a successful attempt to give up cigarettes and a failed one.


Where They’ve Got it Wrong

One statistic illustrates just how misinformed the general public is when it comes to matters regarding e-cigs. It’s reported that only 15% of the general public considers vaping to be healthier than cigarette smoking. A report released by the U.K. based Cancer Research Institute found that former smokers who had made the switch to vaping tested for much lower carcinogen and toxic chemical levels after just six months compared to those who continued smoking. A more health-conscious generation is awakening, and it’s little surprise that every four minutes, a smoker in the U.K. is making the switch to e-cigs.


Clouds of Change are Billowing

Tobacco’s era is coming to a close; that much is becoming obvious. People are rational enough to know that it doesn’t really help to cut back or switch to milder cigarettes, the real solution is to completely cut out the toxin and carcinogen-laden cigarettes that have caused so much untold harm to people. To get a better handle on our social, economic, and physical well-being, e-cigs are definitely the way for us to go.

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