The History Behind Electronic Cigarettes

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The History Behind Electronic Cigarettes

E Cigarettes A to Z

Electronic Cigarettes sales have been increasing throughout the past decade. There have been numerous brands, sorts, and enhancements since the original commercially viable e-cig (Created by the Chinese drug specialist Hon Lik in 2003.) To date, there are many brand alternatives for an electronic cigarette. The guarantee of a more secure and less harmful cigarette has made e-cigarettes a hot favorite amongst smokers who are worried about their health. Many smokers may be curious about e cigs, and it is suggested that they do the correct research before they purchase.

What are the Different Types of E- Cigarettes?

The E-Cig had been showcased in two noteworthy structures. The original brands (cigalikes) look consistent with cigarettes, and can be disposable or reusable, offering different costs for both. The second generation is a larger vaporizer that has four segments: Mouthpiece, Clearomiser (refillable nicotine part), Atomiser, and a battery. Both adaptations are accessibly available, and both offer an alternative to smoking.


  • First Generation E Cigarette: The cigalike, offers an equivalent experience to smoking a cigarette. It gives the same feel, and visual experience as smoking, the number one craving ex-smokers crave. A drawback to these is their life cycle. To be frank, it’s short. In spite of this, they are convenient as they are sold over the counter at numerous petrol stations and cigarette merchants.
  • Second Generation E Cigarette:The bigger, more lavish 4-section vaporizer e-cigarette is more extravagant yet offers a mixture of choices. From differing levels of nicotine, to an assortment of enhanced fluids. These devices have a much longer lifespan. The downside to these is the starting cost. It can be expensive initially! And typically leads to users seeking out bigger and better equipment.

Which generation E Cigarette is better?

The key gimmick of the second generation Electronic Cigarettes are the E- liquid alternatives. With differing levels of nicotine, and flavors running from numerous fruit flavoursto luxury tobacco flavours. The market for E- liquid has been growing rapidly and has created a ton of revenue for businesses. A few flavors may incorporate substances that you may be oversensitive to so research is fundamental before buy.

Will Different Batteries Work With Different Tanks?

You shouldn't be excessively worried about this as most outlets that are worth their salt will have the capacity to help you on this subject. There are a number of threading sizes associated with e-cigarettes for example and most commonly, 510 and Ego, but almost all batteries nowadays offer multiple compatibility for these threading specs.

Where Is The Best Place to Smoke E Cigarette?

Vaping is becoming more and more recognized – even oxford dictionary’s word of the yearbeing “vape” qualifies this as a fact, and thus restrictions to where it’s possible to vape are slowly becoming stricter and stricter. For now, if you wish to vape in public, and unless it’s obviously safe to do so. We at Ichor Liquid recommend you follow the same laws as cigarette smoking.