What E Liquid Mix

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What E Liquid Mix

E liquid mixes

E liquid is commonly comprised of 4 ingredients. These are - Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine and flavourings. Flavourings and nicotine are both constants, meaning a fixed volume is added to each e liquid mix. The variable components - propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can then be added in different ratios to produce varying vaping outputs. Follow our PG guide and VG guide for more information on these products.

E liquid mixes


E liquid containing only PG - most common with premade cartridges and look alike products (commonly known as “cigalikes”) you find in your local convenience store – is the least viscous of e liquids and produces the least amount of vapourcheck out our e liquid calculator to customise your e liquid. Pros:
  • Delivers nicotine more efficiently
  • Outstanding throat hit
  • Less nicotine is needed to produce a good throat hit
  • Least likely of all e liquids to cause a burnt or dry hit
  • Most discrete of all e liquids due to its low vapour production
  • Produces the most realistic or manufacturer designed flavour – PG is flavourless
  • Quickest of all e liquids to steep due to its low viscosity
  • The most likely to cause throat irritations, allergy reactions and a general unwell feeling, those with even slight sensitivity to PG will react badly to 100% PG
  • May flood certain atomizers due to its low viscosity and cause leaks – especially in hot weather!
  • Produces a weak vapour 

100% VG E liquid

E liquid containing only VG is the most viscous of e liquid and produces the most vapour. This is the least popular product sold by vendors for many reasons. Firstly though, let’s look at the Pro’s. Pros:
  • Gentle throat hit, ideal for those of you who previously smoked “ultra light” cigarettes
  • The smoothest of e liquids
  • Heavy vapour production – produce clouds of vapour
  • Least likely of all e liquids to cause irritation or allergy reactions
  • Least efficient at delivering nicotine – typically users would add a strength up in nicotine to compensate
  • The weakest throat hit. Those familiar and enjoy this, maybe disappointed with 100% VG
  • Sweetens e liquid – this may make sense for some e liquid flavours, but tobacco e liquids may become too sweet
  • Causes vapour to linger – vaping discreetly or during a flight? Do not use 100% VG!
  • The most likely e liquid mix to cause burnt or dry hits – this is less likely to occur though with bottom coil atomizers i.e. the Kanger EVOD and more likely to occur in colder weather
  • Takes a long time to steep – 1 week+

It is our advice to try different mixes prior to trying 100% VG e liquid. Unless you have known allergy symptoms or are particularly against vaping PG we recommend the best mix to start with is a 50% VG 50%PG blend.  

70% PG 30% VG

This e liquid mix was a popular standard a while back and even today, a common mix for many pre-made e cig refill liquid – this and 80% / 20%. This mix provides most of the 100% PG advantages, but produces more vapour. Pros:
  • Absorbs nicotine efficiently
  • Great throat hit
  • Less likely to cause a burnt or dry hit
  • Produces a close match to manufacturer’s intended flavour.
  • Short steeping time
  • All this with excellent vapour production
  • Still likely to cause throat irritations, allergy reactions and a general unwell feeling
  • Will still flood certain atomizers due to its lower viscosity and cause leaks – especially in hotter weather

50% PG 50% VG

A perfect balance between the two, the “Jack of all trades” if you will. Pros:
  • Absorbs nicotine efficiently
  • Good throat hit
  • Less likely to cause a burnt or dry hit
  • Moderate steeping time
  • Great vapour production
  • Adequate throat hit
  • A smooth e liquid
  • Excellent vapour production – that doesn’t linger
  • Still likely to cause throat irritations, allergy reactions and a general unwell feeling if you have high sensitivity to PG
  • Will still sweeten e liquids slightly due to the VG content
  • Not many manufacturers produce 50% / 50% , so harder to find

Our Advice

Choosing a supplier that offers your preferred e liquid ingredients can be time consuming and expensive. Most electronic cigarette vendors will offer e liquid mixes at their preferred mix ratio or the preferred percentages their supplier provides them. Few companies offer the flexibility companies like Ichor Liquid does due to the time and extra costs involved preparing custom orders. Generally speaking, the majority will be fine with any e liquid mix ratio and we thoroughly recommend a 50% PG / 50% VG as good starting point for those new to vaping. While harder to come by, the good news is… we sell it! When vaping, pay attention to any signs of discomfort, sore throats, rashes, stomach pains. Should any of these occur you will most likely have a high sensitivity to PG. It is recommended in this circumstance to move over to 100% VG e liquid mixes. If you feel ill, vomit or suffer headaches, stop vaping immediately! And lie down until it passes. You will most likely have suffered from a very mild form of nicotine poisoning. In this case, either vape less or lower your nicotine strength.