Are Electronic Cigarettes harmful to your health?

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Are Electronic Cigarettes harmful to your health?

Despite the fact smoking is a proven danger to people’s lives, a major population of the world still consists of smokers.  Smoking causes damage to almost all body organs and is a major cause of cancer. Many people addicted to tobacco have realized the effects of smoking and have tried quitting.

2003 marked the year that the first commercially viable e-cigarette was developed. E-cigarettes are tobacco-free (and potentially nicotine free) and are basically vaporizing devices. While some people have the opinion that since e-cigarettes emit vapor and not cigarette smoke, they are healthier than conventional cigarettes, others will listen to the scare mongering you read in the newspapers and believe electronic cigarettes are indeed harmful. Before switching to e-cigarettes people should speak to their doctor and also do a thorough research on the product.

Before understanding whether electronic cigarettes are harmful or not, it is important to understand the way in which an electronic cigarette works.


Electronic cigarettes are operated by a lithium battery, a heating element which vaporizes the e-liquid (found here), the main source of the vapor which people inhale and a tank to store the liquid. Ecig liquid is a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. Though it is not a smoking-cessation device; it can be said to be nicotine replacement product. These devices can be purchased as a once use only product, or as a refillable product that will last a good couple of months.

E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco. There is no smoke, nor is there carbon monoxide and hence there is no cigarette odor. They are available in varying levels of nicotine so people can choose e-cigs with lower levels and continue with it until they feel they no longer need the nicotine and remove it completely. It is very possible to vape an e-cig without any nicotine at all. We at Ichor Liquid offers these.

The number one concern of late is the damage caused by passive smoking. Fact is, passive smoking kills. You just have to read up on all the recent and successful law suits made against employers to understand this point. E cigarettes in recent studies have proven to cause little to no damage to passive smokers.


Smokers can quit smoking and start using e-cigarettes to avoid these problems and lead a much healthier life. People switching to electronic cigarettes have a good chance of converting over to this new experience for a variety of reasons. They will find an improvement in their breathing. The smell of tobacco will also disappear. In few weeks they will also notice improvements in their sense of taste. The yellowish tinge on their teeth will gradually disappear, so will the morning cough that the smokers experience. In short, the major setbacks that one has experienced due to smoking regularly will soon disappear when they switch to e-cigarettes. It is very common however that people switching to these electronic devices will go through the same symptoms of quitting smoking. Do not associate these symptoms with ecig use. Allow at least a month or two before making a prognosis on this part.

From first generation to second-generation e-cigarettes, technology has taken a big leap. The features and technology used in second-generation e cigs area lot more advanced. What you to be careful about however is the manufacturer of the e-cig. Always ensure the vendor you purchase from is selling original and proven products. Most trusted vendors are now adding serial numbers to their products to ensure this quality. Invest a little more in quality products to achieve the maximum benefits and pave your way to tobacco-free smoking!