Is Vaping Safe?

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Is Vaping Safe?

Let’s discuss the device itself here, and not the actual effects using an electronic cigarette can have on you. This is discussed in this article here.

Are they safe?

In the 8 years I have used electronic cigarettes I have never had a problem with them. I have a family with 2 kids, and they too have not had any harm done to them through these devices. Do I mean the actual use here? No, I am referring to the exploding devices you hear on the news, or kids drinking the eliquid out the bottle. None of this has happened and here is why.

I simply use the equipment that came with the device. I do not charge it with a 10 amp iPad charger, leave uncapped bottles of e liquid out for my children to drink out of, stack unregulated batteries in my vapourizer or coil my atomizers at ohms below 0.8 ohms. The last 2 may make no sense, so do not worry about these, but the first 2 are common sense.

The List of Do Nots

Here is a list of other DO NOTs with e cigarettes   
  • DO NOT use IPAD chargers or other chargers that magnify the electrical current flowing into your e cigarette.
  • DO NOT use your ecigarette in a flammable area. (in most cases it would be fine as the liquid cools the heating element, however if your liquid has run out, the element will glow red! which will ignite flammable gas)
  • DO NOT leave uncapped bottles of e liquid around for your pets or children to find. E Liquid bottles are child proof (If they aren’t, buy from as trusted vendor who does.)
  • DO NOT purchase advanced e cigarette's that have no venting hole - The venting hole is crucial to let heat dissipate.  Without this the lithium battery could explode
  • DO NOT attempt to recoil an atomizer unless you are completely sure about what you are doing - most batteries have built in protection against adding too much ampere to your e cig. Mechanical batteries do not however.
  • DO NOT buy an ecig battery that requires 2 batteries stacked together. While in most cases this is fine, its still a risk you shouldn’t have to worry about

Further Advice

Most importantly though, make sure you buy your gear or e juice from trusted sources (see reviews) and from trusted manufacturers. A trusted manufacture is one that will typically serialize their products to prevent imitations. Make sure your products come with serial numbers!

E Cigs are safe when used correctly. Neglect this and accidents will happen.

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