Long Fill E Liquid

Introducing Our Long Fill E liquid range. The same great tasting vaping flavours offered at concentrate level. This allows you to use multiple Nic Shots combined with a base mix to reach a higher strength possible than Short Fill E liquids

Our long fill e liquids contain no mix or nicotine, only our complex recipe concentrate, which can be further customised to your suiting before purchase (check out our e liquid calculator to customise your e liquid). You have the option to add more flavouring, menthol variations, additional flavours, or more or less sweetener. You will need to purchase our nicotine shots and base mix to complete the Long Fill recipes. Our Long Fill E liquids will require roughly 50ml mix to fill the bottle. Please see our Nicotine Shot Guide for further instructions. 

For nicotine free or e liquid at strengths below 3mg /ml we recommend purchasing one of our short fill e liquids, which require just one nicotine shot.

Please note these products do not contain any nicotine, and are not suitable for vaping until a mix is added.

How to use Long Fill E Liquids

Long Fill Filling Guide
  1. Unscrew the cap from the bottle
  2. Remove the detachable drip tip from the top
  3. Pour in up to 5 nicotine shots or a mixture of Nic Shot and Base Mix 
  4. Replace the drip tip and cap and shake for a good couple of minutes
  5. Depending on the mix and personal tastes, either fill your vape tank, or set aside to steep for a period of time