Voopoo Argus P1 S Review - A Top Performer?

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Argus P1s Performance Analysis

Introducing The Voopoo Argus P1 S

Voopoo, established by ICCPP in 2016, has quickly ascended to a leading position in the vaping device manufacturing industry. Recognized for their innovative and high-quality products, Voopoo has a significant global presence, selling in over 70 countries, including major markets like the UK, US, and the EU. The Argus range, in particular, stands out for its popularity and diversity, catering to both beginner and experienced vapers.

Background of Voopoo The company's rapid growth and global recognition stem from its commitment to quality, innovation, and user experience. Voopoo's wide array of devices showcases their versatility in meeting various vaping preferences and needs.

Popularity and Global Presence Voopoo's worldwide reach is a testament to their quality and innovation. Their products, including the Argus range, are well-regarded across different continents, reflecting the brand's global appeal.

The Argus Product Range

The Argus range; a flagship line from Voopoo, represents a significant milestone in the brand's journey towards innovation and excellence in the vaping industry. Renowned for its diverse offerings, the Argus series caters to a wide spectrum of vapers, from those making their initial switch from traditional cigarettes to seasoned enthusiasts seeking advanced functionalities and superior vaping experiences.

Among the standout devices within this line are the Argus P1, known for its compactness and efficiency; the Argus G, celebrated for its ergonomic design and versatile vaping modes; the Pod SE, a favourite among those who prefer simplicity with performance; and the Argus XT/MT, which offers unparalleled customization options for the most experienced vapers. Each model within the Argus range is meticulously designed to balance aesthetic appeal with functional prowess, ensuring a satisfying and reliable vaping experience.

The introduction of the Argus P1 S represents Voopoo's continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a pod device can offer. Garnering widespread acclaim, the Argus P1 S clinched the ‘Best Pod Device’ award at the prestigious Vaper Expo UK, a testament to its exceptional design, innovative features, and overall performance. This accolade is not only a significant achievement for the Argus P1 S but also reaffirms the Argus range's position at the forefront of vaping technology.

The Argus P1 S enhances the legacy of its predecessors through several notable advancements. It retains the hallmark features that have defined the Argus line, such as a robust build quality, intuitive usability, and stylish designs, while introducing cutting-edge innovations like the Gene AI 1.2 chip and compatibility with the latest version of Argus pods. These pods promise an extended lifespan and improved flavour delivery, thanks to their mesh coil design and optimized wicking materials. Furthermore, the P1 S boasts a compact form factor, making it an ideal companion for vapers seeking a high-performing, portable device.

By combining the tried and tested strengths of the Argus series with new technological enhancements, the Argus P1 S not only enriches the existing product lineup but also sets new benchmarks for pod systems in the vaping market. Whether it's through offering more durable pods, faster charging times, or a more flavourful vaping experience, the Argus P1 S exemplifies Voopoo's dedication to innovation and quality, cementing the Argus range's esteemed status among vapers worldwide.

Argus P1 S Products

Expectations from the Voopoo Argus P1 S

The Voopoo Argus P1 S, as the latest entrant in the illustrious Argus range, has set high expectations within the vaping community, heralded to redefine the standards of pod-based vaping. This anticipation is rooted in Voopoo's history of delivering innovative and high-quality vaping devices that cater to a wide array of user preferences. With the Argus P1 S, Voopoo aims to elevate the user experience by integrating several advanced features designed to cater to the evolving needs of vapers.

Features and Improvements

  • Compatibility with Argus Pods: Enhanced with fluffier cotton for longevity and a mesh coil for better flavour.
  • Gene AI 1.2 Chip and iCOSM CODE: For automatic power regulation and an ultimate flavour experience, alongside multiple safety features for peace of mind.
  • Battery Life and Charging: An 800mAh battery with 2A fast charging, promising a full charge in just 20 minutes for continuous vaping.
Voopoo Argus P1 S Kit Contents

Kit Contents The kit includes the Voopoo Argus P1 S device, 0.7ohm and 1.2ohm Argus Pod Cartridges, a lanyard, a USB Type-C charging cable, and a user manual.

Voopoo Argus P1 S Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11cm x 2.5cm x 1.4cm
  • Output Power Range: 5-25W
  • Voltage Range: 3.2-4.2V
  • Resistance Range: 0.5-1.2ohm
  • 800mAh integrated battery
  • Quick charge: Full charge in 20 minutes

Voopoo Argus P1 S

Design and Build Quality

The Voopoo Argus P1 S sets a new standard in the design and construction of vaping devices, melding futuristic aesthetics with practical functionality to cater to the modern vaper's demands. Its distinctive cyberpunk-esque appearance is not just a nod to contemporary design trends but also a statement of Voopoo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of vaping technology and style. Available in eight different styles, the Argus P1 S offers a range of choices to suit individual tastes, from vibrant and bold to subdued and sophisticated, ensuring that every user can find a design that resonates with their personal style.

The sleekness of the Argus P1 S is one of its most striking features, embodying a minimalist yet visually compelling design ethos. This slim profile not only enhances the device's portability but also contributes to its ergonomic appeal, making it comfortable to hold and use over extended periods. The lightweight nature of the device further underscores its portability, ensuring that carrying the Argus P1 S throughout the day is a breeze, without the burden of unnecessary bulk.

Functionality is at the heart of the Argus P1 S design, as evidenced by the inclusion of a transparent pod system. This thoughtful feature allows for easy monitoring of e-liquid levels, ensuring users can conveniently keep track of their consumption without the need to disassemble the device or guess the remaining volume. Such practicality is a testament to Voopoo's user-centric approach, where every aspect of the device's design is engineered to enhance the vaping experience.

Moreover, the build quality of the Argus P1 S reflects Voopoo's dedication to durability and reliability. Constructed with high-quality materials, the device is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. The integration of advanced manufacturing techniques ensures that each component of the Argus P1 S, from the pods to the body of the device, meets rigorous standards of quality and performance.

Quick Start Guide

Argus P1 S filling

  • How to Begin Using the Device: Simply fill the pod, wait for the cotton to saturate, and start vaping without any button presses, thanks to the Gene AI 1.2 chip's automatic power adjustment.
  • How to Fill the Argus P1 S Pod: Utilize the side filling port with a generously sized opening for easy e-liquid refilling.
  • Charging the Device: Employ the USB Type-C cable for fast charging, with the LED indicator displaying the charging status.

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation of the Voopoo Argus P1 S highlights its versatility and capability to cater to a broad range of vaping preferences, making it a standout choice in the competitive pod device market. Designed with the needs of diverse users in mind, the Argus P1 S shines when used with a balanced 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid, delivering an optimal blend of throat hit, flavour, and vapor production that many vapers seek. This balance ensures that users can enjoy a consistent and satisfying experience, with the device adeptly handling the viscosity of the e-liquid to provide smooth inhalation and rich taste.

However, the Argus P1 S's capabilities extend beyond just 50/50 blends. Its compatibility with higher VG mixes underscores Voopoo's commitment to flexibility and performance. VG-heavy e-liquids, known for producing denser vapor and a smoother throat hit, work perfectly fine with this device. This adaptability allows users who suffer allergies to PG or prefer a more substantial vapor output and a milder throat sensation to also find the Argus P1 S remarkably satisfactory.

Voopoo Argus P1 S Coil

Equipped with two types of pods, 1.2ohm and 0.7ohm, the Argus P1 S further tailors the vaping experience to individual preferences. The 1.2ohm pod is supposedly ideal for those who favour a tight, mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw that closely mimics the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes, offering a discreet vapor output and concentrated flavour. while the 0.7ohm pod caters to users seeking a more open, direct-to-lung (DTL) vape, providing a warmer vape, increased vapor production, and a slightly more pronounced flavour profile. However we found little to no difference between the two. Both offered a great MTL experience. If you favour MTL pod devices, this is definitely a product you will enjoy.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent flavour and vapor production
  • Long-lasting pods with no leaking or spit-back (we have experienced over 1 month of regular usage)
  • Attractive design and lightweight build
  • Fast charging capability
  • Great for those who prefer MTL vaping


  • Fixed airflow without adjustment options
  • No manual power setting adjustments
  • Side filling port cover can be finicky
  • Performance drop at low battery
  • For those who prefer DTL vaping, this Pod may not be for you

Final Verdict

In the increasingly crowded and competitive landscape of the pod device market, the Voopoo Argus P1 S not only distinguishes itself but also sets a new benchmark for what users can expect from a vaping device. Its outstanding blend of aesthetics, user-focused features, and robust performance positions it as a top choice for individuals across the vaping spectrum—from those taking their first step into vaping to seasoned enthusiasts seeking a compact, yet powerful device.

The design of the Argus P1 S is a clear highlight, with its futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired aesthetics available in eight different styles, ensuring that it appeals to a wide range of personal preferences. This focus on design excellence does not come at the expense of functionality. On the contrary, the device's sleek and lightweight form factor enhances its portability and ease of use, making it a constant and unobtrusive companion throughout the day.

Performance-wise, the Argus P1 S is equally impressive. Equipped with the cutting-edge Gene AI chip, it offers users a tailored vaping experience by automatically adjusting power output based on the pod used. This intelligent feature ensures optimal performance and maximizes the potential of the flavour and vapor production, regardless of the e-liquid type or pod resistance. Furthermore, the device's fast-charging capability, achieving a full charge in just 20 minutes, addresses one of the most common pain points among vapers, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum.

For new vapers, the Argus P1 S's user-friendly design and easy-to-navigate features make it an inviting entry point into the world of vaping, removing barriers to adoption and enhancing the initial experience. Experienced vapers, on the other hand, will appreciate the device's advanced features, such as the compatibility with higher VG mixes and the flexibility offered by the two pod resistances, allowing for a customized vaping experience whether they prefer a mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung style.

In conclusion, the Voopoo Argus P1 S is a standout product that exemplifies the harmonious integration of design, functionality, and performance. Its comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse needs of the vaping community, combined with innovative features like the Gene AI chip and rapid charging, solidifies its position as an exceptional choice for anyone in search of a reliable, stylish, and high-performing pod device. Whether you are just beginning your vaping journey or are looking to enhance your experience with a sophisticated and versatile device, the Argus P1 S is poised to exceed expectations and redefine standards in the pod device market.