Vapers! - Are You Aware Of Whats Going On?

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Vapers! - Are You Aware Of Whats Going On?

Vapers! - Are You Aware Of Whats Going On?

Predicting the future of e-cigs and vaping in 2016, it is almost impossible to point out anything positive. This situation is mainly brought about by the fact that: the vast majority of vapers have shifted their focus towards overly enjoying their new found freedom from tobacco, sharing handchecks and attending festivals while the professional anti harm reduction crowds have opted to silently go about their daily activities. As a result attention has been drawn away from details of what is coming down the track this year as far as vaping is concerned.

The current situation can best be compared to back when there was little attempts towards discontinuing alcohol prohibition in the 1920s America owing to the fact that: drinkers were too busy drinking, this is supported by the simple fact that at the moment so many vapers are more focused on other things and are completely clueless of what to expect this coming year as already mentioned.

Just so you know, one of the most notable regulations set to be effected this year is that: In the European Union alone, at least 28 member states should cease all e-cig advertising starting May. In addition to this, misleading warnings will be placed on e-liquid supplies. Simply put, so much is going to be done to an extent that what the target consumers will actually be buying will have been reduced to an almost unreadable after thought.

As strange as it may sound, most of the devices which are presently being used are set to become non compliant overnight once the proposed regulation comes into effect. In addition to this, the onerous regulations on manufacturers are set to significantly decimate the market and render choice irrelevant.

Although the measures planned are only starting to materialize, it is clearly evident that much like vapefests would not be as much fun once the number of stalls have been slashed by more than half and the number of flavors reduced to just a few safe nondescript lines. Maybe then, vapers who were always under the impression that the lectures given by vaping advocates at the festivals were just tedious will be able to reflect and realize that they should have payed more attention (instead of walking by) for details for what they could have done in order to be able to cope with if not stop the oncoming onslaught.

In the United States, the FDA deeming regs seem way more damaging that they sound, in fact, it is almost impossible to see the vaping market continuing to exist after the proposals are in effect. On the other hand on the both sides of the Atlantic and far beyond, bans on vaping outdoors as well as indoors have been effected without the slightest reference to science or even unintended consequences.

Friendly tobacco controllers have come out bleating mildly that there is absolutely no point to call into effect the bans, their approach however is notably less straightforward in defending vapers than it is since it (their approach) also demands for more odious restrictions on smokers at the same time.

Taking into consideration all of the above, my only prediction is an even more counterproductive ban on vaping in which a large section of the public will continue to be convinced that vapour is dangerous with this being coupled with a series of lies and misinformation promoted as the truth. All this will be aimed at systematically destroying the existing attraction to e-cigs as an alternative to smoking as a result of vested interests and collusion by easily-gulled politicians who pretend about their self professed care for health.