Stoptober Introduces E Cigarettes

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Stoptober Introduces E Cigarettes

It’s almost October again and with it the Annual Stop Smoking Campaign – Stoptober. I was pleasantly surprised to see that in this years TV ad campaign for the first time in addition to the usual nicotine patches and gum, Electronic Cigarettes were also included as a good alternative to kick the habit.

Stoptober begins on the 1st of October and continues over a 28 day period. It was first launched in 2012 by Public Health England (PHE) and aims to convince those who smoke to quit for 28 days. Based on their research, quitting smoking for 28 days is the time in which you are then 5 times more likely to stop smoking for good.

The British Public Health Agencies; unlike their US counterparts, have been extremely pro-vaping, which not only helped spearhead the “Light Touch” approach to the EU’s recent TPD implementation, but also based on the PHE’s recent report “E-cigarettes: an evidence update”, has convinced the majority of these public health agencies that vaping is a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. I guess it is a little less surprising we are seeing it promoted in the UK rather than the US.


If you are a smoker, October is definitely the time to give electronic cigarettes ago and see if the 28 days really does work. Remember if you have allergies to e liquid you can always give our PG Free E liquids ago