E Liquid Health - The War Between E Cigs And Tobacco Smoking

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E Liquid Health - The War Between E Cigs And Tobacco Smoking

From their first introduction to the public several years ago, reception concerning e-cigarettes has always been mixed. While there are many members of the public that have welcomed them for the likely advantages they have over smoking, many members of the medical and health community have regarded them with some trepidation. Recent years have seen how e-cigs have become very popular and effective means to quit smoking in the UK. While experts are still trying to compile as much evidence as they can pertaining to its overall effectiveness, a number of users have  stood testimony over E liquid health and how it has helped them finally shake off their unhealthy smoking habit.

What is an e-cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are devices that allow the user to inhale nicotine without taking in most of the devastating effects that are present in actual cigarette smoke. They are battery-powered and contain a replaceable cartridge and an atomiser. The vape liquid inside the cartridge is heated up by the battery when the user inhales, which then leads to the production of vapour that contains nicotine. Over the years, these devices have gained immense popularity, with many considering them as a welcome alternative to smoking cigarettes. It helped its popularity too that many famous personalities and celebrities can be often seen with one of these devices in hand these days.

The quitting game

It is a well-documented fact that smoking is quite notorious for being known as a very tough habit to break. Stories of people who have struggled through the process of finally quitting it altogether are aplenty. The struggles are never easy. While there are many who have managed to finally shake it off their system, there are also many accounts of those that tried to quit for a short time and then relapsed. Today, many smokers who have wanted to find better and easier ways to quit the habit are going for e-cigarettes. If one were to consider the statistics of e-cigarette users who were able to successfully get off the influence of tobacco, it is safe to say that e-cigs have been quite effective so far. 

An unlikely ally against smoking

Ecig Health

Despite the fact that many in the medical community have their doubts and reservations about e-cigarettes, statistics show that they have been quite effective so far in helping more people kick off the tobacco habit. Recent numbers show that more than 800,000 vapers used to smoke cigarettes before but thanks to e-cigarettes, have managed to shake the habit off. Another impressive 700,000 used to smoke cigarettes and they used to vape too, but have finally quit both habits altogether. These numbers do require a more in-depth look at the potential of e-cigarettes in the battle against smoking. While the health department is amping its effort towards raising awareness concerning tobacco, these little devices may actually be doing a better and more effective job at it.