Premium Mild Tobacco - E Liquid

Mild Tobacco e-liquid is an exemplary addition to the best tobacco e liquid category, known for its well-balanced and rich body. This e-liquid is expertly crafted for those who appreciate a nuanced tobacco experience. It bridges the gap in the spectrum of tobacco flavours, offering a unique position in the best e liquid uk market. Ideal for both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers to vaping, Mild Tobacco is crafted with a focus on quality and satisfaction, ensuring a smooth vape with its 100% VG blend. As a standout product in the best vape liquid brands, it is a must-try for discerning vapers looking for the best vape liquid for flavour without overwhelming intensity.

Customer Reviews

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Juliet P.
Great service. Thank you!

Great service. Thank you!

Giovanna P.
I haven’t tried it yet

I haven’t tried it yet as I left my vape charger in London. I can let you know in a couple of weeks.

Sean H.
Very happy with the product.

Very happy with the product. Nice flavour. Great service.

bill f.
good flavour

good flavour

Stuart H.
good tobacco selection

good tobacco selection

Jonatan M.
Very nice juice

Very nice juice

Ismet B.
It tastes weird and its

It tastes weird and its very thick 100%vg my device could not vape it properly so it smelt burnt... American tobacco tastes the best.

Adie T.
Nice smoke ,not my favourite

Nice smoke ,not my favourite but still very good

Susan T.
Really pleased with this, will

Really pleased with this, will be ordering some more as this is the best I have tried

Tastes like burnt Crème caramel

Smok alien with Baby x4 coil @ 60W

I've had this before in 12mg & its been fine with a slight vanilla sent & flavour.

This time I went for 6mg & something tasted wrong, I thought I'd toasted my coil so switched it for a new x4 & still the same, tasted like burnt Crème caramel. I can't have toasted another coil at 60W 50 puffs in... Can I? Unless their fake ofc lol. must be a bad juice batch.