Premium Autumn Pear - E Liquid

Savour the exceptional quality of our Autumn Pear e-liquid, a top pick amongst the best e liquids in the UK. This 100% VG blend is ideal for those with PG sensitivities, offering a smooth vaping experience. Handcrafted and freshly made to order, it ensures both outstanding quality and freshness. Its gluten-free composition appeals to a wide range of preferences, securing its place as a premier choice for those in search of the best vape liquids for flavour. Experience the superior blend of high-grade ingredients that make our Autumn Pear a leader in the best e liquid brands.

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca D'Amato
Amazing stuff!

I love everything Ichor do, they have been an enormous help to me because I have a severe PG allergy, their fruit liquids are simply amazing, they taste of real fruit, if it says it's pear in the bottle, then pear is what you will taste, nothing artificial, chemically or plasticy, just pear.

Julie Boleyn
My favouite

I really like Autumn Pear because it’s not too sweet and is even better mixed with a few drops of Granny Smith Apple flavour.

Linda Ewan
Preview Autumn Pear E Liquid

To be honest I did not like it I didn't taste much pear my favourite is the Lemon Drop.

Julie Boleyn
My favourite!

I really like this flavour especially with a few drops of crimson watermelon added to it. The liquids from Ichor are the best I’ve been able to buy. There is no artificial aftertaste and it’s great you can customise your order.

Kerry Hayes
Ichor liquid autumn pear

Brilliant , been getting this for years from ichor and very happy with their service. Wouldn’t use any other liquid

Julie Boleyn
My favourite

Great taste. Not too sweet and doesn’t have an artificial synthetic aftertaste that other brands I’ve tried have. I mix a little bit of the crimson watermelon with it. Again, another really nice flavour.

Manjit C.
Base liquid very good, flavour

Base liquid very good, flavour good

Gina A.
Lovely flavour. Realistic.

Lovely flavour. Realistic.

Fruity, not too sweet. Love it

My ‘go to’ vape juice now. Pure pear flavour without the sickly sweet aftertaste of others. Definitely recommended

Sharon S.
Top Notch Flavor... Realistic taste

Top Notch Flavor...
Realistic taste %100 VG
Never disappointed with flavors
been vaping for 10 yr's on and off Uk flavors kick arse
Aussi down-under