Add a Message to the e Liquid Bottle

E Liquid Bottle Options

Message "on" the Bottle

At a small extra cost, we have included a “neat” new feature allowing you to include an 80 character message on the bottle as shown in the image below. This feature is automatically cost calculated once text is added to the input box.

This feature is only available on basic e liquid configurations and replaces the optional extra text.

If you do not wish to take advantage of this new feature, simply leave the text input box blank, and no charge will be added.

E Liquid Message

Additional E Liquid Options

E liquid optional extras are available on the advanced custom e juice selection. There are three categories of options to choose from.

The first, adds an additional flavour or adds extra flavour to the mix. The second will add one of our menthol mixes to the liquid and the third allows you to choose whether or not addition or no sweetener is add to the mix.

As the subject dictates, these options are extras and are at an additional cost except the sweetener. If you do not wish to add any options, simply skip this step and add the product to the cart.

E Liquid Message