Press Release - Ichor Liquid Rebranding

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Press Release - Ichor Liquid Rebranding

TrueVAPE LTD has for a long time been a household name known for offering solutions and meeting the needs of E liquid consumers especially those with allergies to Propylene Glycol. However, just like the saying goes: “all good things must come to an end”, the company finally decided to re-brand a move which marked the end of TrueVAPE and the debut of Ichor liquid. It is important to note that, not only has the company come up with a new name, it has also opted changed its URL. This, as you will get to see is clearly evident from the fact that the business is from now henceforth set to be recognised as Ichor Liquid part of  T Consolidated LTD based in the Isle of Man, the first platform providing E liquids that are based on 100% vegetable Glycerin in the UK. Take note, in spite of the name and URL change, quality of products and services will not in any way be compromised, in fact, steps have been taken to help make sure that quality customer service and providing customers with quality E liquid products remains a top priority. 

Ichor Liquid Rebranded

Looking back at the company' progress since its launch during the first quarter of 2013 to-date, there is no denying that the company has maintained its commitment to providing consumers with high quality Vape Liquid products. It is equally worth noting that throughout the years, consumers have had the opportunity to witness the gradual growth of the company as it adapts to the ever changing market and business landscape. This re-branding to Ichor Liquid should therefore be welcomed as it simply serves as yet another facet of the company’s many facets of change to cater to the market needs for Glycerin based liquids. When the company first started, it was mainly focused on the sale of the latest technology used in every E cig retailer based online. That has however changed. In fact, the company has become something entirely different dealing adapting a more bold and fierce approach as evident in its handling of the re-launch as Ichor Liquid (the first and only 100% based vegetable Vape and E cig retailer in the United Kingdom). E Cigs are generally considered to be the safer alternative to smoking. However, there are people who still develop skin allergies commonly referred to as "hives" and are caused with conventional E Liquids. For this reason, Ichor Liquids VG E Liquids were created. One of the best things about Ichor Liquids’ VG E Liquids is the fact that it is ideal for just about anyone regardless of how sensitive they may be. In fact, even people who are not prone with allergies are free to use the 100% VG E Liquid. in addition to the above, consumers have also openly admitted and expressed their love of the fact that they can easily personalize the 100% VG E liquids from Ichor liquid to meet their individual taste and preferences. Frankly speaking, it is not the product only which customers openly resonate well with, clients have also expressed their satisfaction of the quality of service offered by Ichor Liquid. Everything taken into consideration, it is important to understand the fact that: even though, TrueVAPE has changed its name and its official site is now, it still promises quality products and services. If ever the quality of products or services may have changed, customers are guaranteed that the change will only be for the best (better than it already is). For more information about Ichor Liquid, feel free to visit For any inquiries, call 0800 001 6182 or send an email to