What Are The VG E Liquid Side Effects – If Any?

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What Are The VG E Liquid Side Effects – If Any?

What Are The VG E Liquid Side Effects – If Any?

As many of you may know, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a plant derivative primarily produced from rapeseed or palm oil.

Our VG e-juices (made from rape seed only) are not only popular with allergy sufferers, but those that like a smoother throat hit or denser clouds of vapour. Many articles I have read proclaim the sweeter tasting VG helps enhance the flavour. I can categorically tell you this is false. Vaping plain VG or PG will produce the same tasteless flavour and will not sweeten the flavourings added to it.

We all know and have read about the side effects of PG in vape liquid, but are there any VG E liquid side effects?

VG E Juice Side Effects

We made it a corporate assignment to seek out the side effects of VG e-juice on a user’s health. Our findings (while limited) are shown below:

Throat Hit

One universally known fact is that, VG produces more vapor than PG (Propylene Glycol). This has led to a massive decrease in the number of smokers reportedly having a “throat hit.”

Allergic Reactions

Unlike vaping PG, in the 4 years we have been trading we have had reports from only 4 – 5 customers who have had allergic reactions to VG. The symptoms were similar, but in no way as serious as those we have received from PG allergy sufferers, which included symptoms like, headaches, skin rashes, sore mouths and throats etc.

In essence, we are saying it is rare to find someone who has a negative reaction to glycerin. More so, those who have negative reactions are usually noted to have contacted us even before vaping VG liquid.

While it is possible to be allergic to VG flavours, it is noteworthy to know that this is likely due to the manufacturer using unnecessary substances in their flavourings. Our VG flavours are specially made to be inhaled. As such, they are produced with the consciousness that they will be inhaled, not digested.



In conclusion, At this point in time, we found there are no known negative side effects that can be conclusively tied to VG. You can be rest assured if you do suffer allergies to PG or simply want to remove it from your e liquid ingredients, 100% VG is the safest route to take.