Vaper's Tongue

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Vaper’s tongue, sometimes referred to as vaper’s fatigue, is a side effect that most vapers will experience and will unfortunately have to get used to. Have you ever vaped your favorite vape liquid which was delicious the day before, however today tastes disgusting? This is vaper’s tongue. Basically your taste buds have packed in and are no longer reactive to the e liquid's flavour. The good news is it’s a temporary problem which will go away with time, but the bad news is it will come back again.

The causes for this condition vary, but we have listed out the common causes below.

Causes of Vaper’s Tongue

  • Dehydration. Vaping is dehydrating. In fact, the vapor absorbs moisture from your surroundings. Since your mouth is always wet with your saliva, the vapor will suck all this up like a sponge, resulting in a dry mouth. When this happens, a thin film may form on your tongue and this film may act like a barrier, hindering you from tasting the vapor when you vape.
  • Allergies or cold. While you are sick, it is common to have a clogged nose, preventing the smell and taste of food. Sinus allergy, can also make breathing difficult for you. Hence, if you cannot smell the vapor, you will also find a hard time it also.
  • Quitted Smoking. There’s a good chance vaper’s tongue will occur if you have just quit smoking. As you know, smoking can damage your taste buds and it takes time for them to heal and bring back your taste back to normal. In most cases, it takes some weeks before your taste buds start to work normally again.
  • Using the same flavour of e liquid. As your taste buds get used to the same flavour, you will notice it less. Two reason of cause here. The first theory is your taste bud treat flavours as a foregin entity and build resistances to it. The second theory is your brain gets used to this flavour and treats it like white noise.
  • Finally, it can just happen. No reasons or causes, it just happens. No one knows why. To date there has been no scientific test study into its causes, but I am sure there will be one day as ecigs become a normalized activity.

Treatment for Vaper’s Tongue

There is no need to get an appointment with your doctor in order to treat vaper’s tongue unless you have been experiencing the condition for a long period of time. We go through a list of possible solutions and home remedies to help fix this up for you below:

  • Munch some pickles. Grab a handful of pickles and munch them away.
  • Drink lots of water. Since one cause of losing your taste is dehydration, simply have a glass of water handy when you vape.
  • Brush your teeth. It is always a good idea to brush your teeth. Aside from keeping your teeth strong, this can also help remove the build up on your tongue, which primarily causes your taste buds to lose their ability to recognize the taste of vapor.
  • Mouthwash. Mouth washing cannot only give a fresh breathe, but it can also help cleanse your palate. Try some minty flavored mouthwash and see how it can work well with you.
  • Use different flavoured e liquids. Sometimes, it helps to reset your taste buds and get them back in line. Try strong flavours such as cinnamon, menthol or mint and see if it does the trick.
  • Coffee grounds. Smelling coffee grounds is a common trick used by perfume experts and wine tasters. The smell of coffee can help reset the olfactory senses hence, it aids you to revive your taste buds.

This is a work in progress and if any of you have other solutions that have worked in the past, We would appreciate it if you add them to the comments below.