Variable Voltage e Cig Guide

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Variable Voltage e Cig Guide

What are Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Batteries?

Variable voltage batteries allow the user to control the voltage/ wattage output of their ecigarette device. This is great if you use a range of Atomizers all operating at different resistances, or you prefer different e liquid at different voltage outputs.

Many of you will be familiar with the e cigarette brands like ego variable voltage, eVOD type batteries, which are great for regular vaping, however there are bigger, larger and more powerful options out there to enhance your vaping experience, and offer further options to increase the capacity in which your tobacco e liquid or regular e liquid resides.

These larger variable voltage mod range include devices like the Z-Max, Vamo and eVic as well as the elusive Provari.

Why Buy The Provari?


One advantage of the Provari that it is not widely talked about is its ability to operate at ohms as low as 0.8 ohms. To date the Provari remains the best variable voltage mod.

The Z-Max, Vamo and eVic electronic cigarette batteries will struggle to operate properly at 1.3 ohms and this is due to the amp limit. The Provari V.2+ has a limit of 3.5 amps, while most other VV batteries are less than this.

Mechanical mods


operate at 6+ amps and there are no restrictions, but they are not regulated either.

This means they will operate over charged batteries, and will run batteries down below the minimal threshold (roughly 2.9v), which will destroy them. The risks of all this are significantly minimized with a reliable battery charging unit such as the Trust Fire range and using non battery stackable mods.

Getting Advanced!

Those of you looking to get into the more advanced variable voltage e cig mods may wonder why vaping e juice anything below 1.8-2.4 ohms is necessary. If you are using Silica Wick, then anything below that range isn’t really necessary – it’s when you start getting into stainless steel mesh that it does.

Stainless Steel (SS) takes time to heat coil and e liquid. Using a thicker lower resistance wire helps heat things up much faster. For example using AWG 32 Kanthal Wire on a genesis Atomizer will require you to take a couple of puffs before the wick is hot enough to produce the right amount of vapour.

Using the thicker AWG 29 both heats the wick up faster and covers more surface area, meaning you can draw on the Atomizer instantly without having to take a few puffs first.

Our Thoughts...

We find the best resistance to be around 1.1 - 1.3 ohms for typical use, however you will need a Provari or mechanical mod to achieve this. For the other variable voltage mods, aim to get a resistance of about 1.5 ohm for best results -this will require either AWG 29 (7 Wraps) or AWG 31 (5 wraps). Refer to our Kanthal Guide for more information on resistances.


We hope this guide has helped make things clearer and made choosing the right electronic cigarette kit or battery easier. Those looking into started with electronic cigarette and e liquid refills, ensure you choose a starter kit with variable voltage batteries. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Enjoy living a healthier alternative smoke free livestyle.