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The Best Electronic Cigarette 2016 for Non Extreme Vapers

Last year we provided an article detailing out the best electronic cigarette for VG E liquid. Times have changed, Vaping is becoming more recognised and devices have continued to improve.

2015 was the golden year for vaping. Electronic cigarette technology greatly improved, and more people began switching from smoking to vaping. No longer would you be stared at in the street for vaping; and at least from my perspective, noticed less smokers and more people vaping passing by me on the streets.

The point I’m raising here is, the need for discrete pen like devices is no longer required and switching away from these to the larger devices has many benefits. Which I will go over in the below list.

Larger E-Cigarette Advantages.

  • Last longer especially with 18650 batteries
  • Vapes a lot better, as more air can be drawn in reducing blockages and provides more the e liquid more taste with vaping.
  • Easier to control – the larger devices all have digital controls allowing you to apply the correct wattage or voltage.
  • Less likely to leak. The smaller devices are contained in a small tank which will heat up fast making the e liquid extremely thin and more likely to cause gurgling and spillage.
  • The list goes on.


The important thing to take away here is that, these larger flashier e-cigs perform a lot better, handle 100% VG e liquid better and are now recognized by most of the general public as to what they are.

Why Get On Board Now?

It’s important in 2016 you set yourself up for the long haul since 2016 is the year we will start seeing a decline in technology. From May 2016 onwards we wont be seeing any new devices entering the market. Regulation is kicking in and no new products will be permitted on the market without first being approved by the MHRA which wont happen until May 2017

From November 2016 onwards vendors will be selling off old stock. This will include all of these much better performing electronic cigarettes and not one of them presently on the market will pass regulations due to the strict limitations being implemented. The main one relevant here is a tank capacity of no more than 2ml.

So if there is a time to upgrade and prepare for the future NOW is this time to do it. Purchasing a decent device now, and properly looking after it will save you from being limited by choice later on in the year.

Who Is This Article For?

This article is aimed specifically at those who want the best vape possible, who have normalised i.e. no longer crave hundreds of new flavours or devices or are constantly chasing clouds or the latest and greatest etc, basically someone who used to smoke and wants the same experience with vaping.

Vaping is not just an alternative to smoking anymore, its a hobby, an art form that is tested, experimented on and shown off. Hence the supply of extreme vaping products such as the now commercialised Sub Ohm vaping kits capable of outputting at 50W+.

For a beginner, or someone looking to replicate their previous smoking habit, don’t be fooled into purchasing these Sub Ohm kits and vaping at extreme levels. You need to start at normal levels, get used to it and then decide if extreme vaping is for you.

The setup I am going to recommend here and use myself, caters to those that are not treating vaping as a hobby or something to go extreme with. It’s the best alternative and most realistic alternative to smoking.

If you decide to go with a different product, make sure you at least:

walk away with the following configuration:

Electronic Cigarette at 11 Watts

  • A silica dual coil wick
  • A device that uses Watts for power measurement
  • A 1.5 – 2.1 ohm coil atomizer
  • A device comfortable at being used at 8W – 11W
  • 6 – 12mg nicotine liquid

Extreme vaping will use the following stats. Stay away from these

  • Japanese cotton wicks
  • 3 – 0.5 ohm direct to lung coil atomizers
  • Recommended vaping power of 30+ Watts
  • 1 – 4mg nicotine e liquid


Japanese CottonJapanese cotton is the perfect companion for extreme vaping due to its high tolerance to heat. Silica will burn out fast under these conditions, however I have found Japanese cotton gets saturated vaping at 8W – 11W and will cause gurgling.

0.3 – 0.5 ohms is referred to as a direct lung hit since the feeling bypasses your throat and is experienced entirely in your lungs which isn’t replicating the sensation of smoking. 1.5 – 2.1 ohms correct represents a similar sensation to that of smoking. Its also the reason for vaping at lower mg nicotine, since you will be vaping a lot more of it.

Now For The Setup

Kanger Subox Mini


The above setup will cost roughly £90. You will have 1 battery in use and 1 on charge so you wont ever run out of charge and 16x spare coils, which will last you a long time especially with our e liquid which doesn’t burn coils out fast.

Ichor Liquid Electronic Cigarette SetupThe Kanger SUBOX Mini comes as a complete set, however this presents a problem since it’s a sub ohm device designed to operate at WATTs over 30, which is not what we are looking for. The good news is, you can set aside the included atomizer and try it out at a later date should you wish to experience extreme vaping. The included atomizer is paired with a 0.5 ohm and 1.5 ohm Japanese cotton coil. Should you wish to continue with this atomizer at a later date, ensure you purchase replacement coils with vertical coils, and not horizontal.

The Kanger Aero Mega atomiser is not a new device, but the best I have personally tried and works perfectly with Ichor Liquids e-juice including 100% VG. The atomizer its self uses a 1.8 ohm silica atomizer and paired with the Kanger SUBOX mini works beautifully at 8W – 13W. Higher than this you will need Japanese cotton coils.

When purchasing replacement coils for the Kanger Aero Mega Tank. Ensure to purchase silica coils and not the newly introduced Japanese cotton coils.

I will be taking a look into thermal controlled electronic cigarettes in the near future and will review my findings.

I hope this article helps and I wish you all the best in finding the right electronic cigarette setup.

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