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E Liquid Ingredients

ichor liquid e liquid ingredients ichor liquid e liquid ingredients


Introducing our 100% VG e-liquid flavourings allowing us for the first time to offer true 100% VG e-Liquid. We only use the highest quality e liquid ingredients available.

Those of you with even the slightest allegy to PG need not worry. Our true 100% VG mix option contains absolutely no PG what so ever!


Unlike all other e liquids in the UK that use PG base flavouring concentrates, ours uses an alcohol base specifically manufactured for e liquids only.

Our tobacco flavourings are:

  • 100% wholeleaf tobacco extract free; a known extract that can contain trace amounts of carconagens and something you really want to stay clear of
  • 100% hand mixed & made specific to order
  • Produced here in the UK.


Our E Liquid Ingredients

ichor liquid liquid ingredients

Our e Juice is truely made from the highest quality ingredients. Our flavouring concentrates alone cost more
than most other vendors completed e liquid product and in some cases twice as much! We have spared no
expense in producing an electronic cigarette liquid that far exceeds any other product out there in the UK.
As a result we are unable to offer our product to the wholsale market simply because the prices we are
offering are the lowest we can possibly go.

Our e liquid ingredients are typically made up of 3 - 5 componants (depending on mix selection):

  • Pharmacutacal USP grade Propylene Glycol (PG) a synthetic compound used in
    inhalers and cosmetics to act as an absorbtion agent
  • Pharmacutacal USP / KOSHER grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) a syrup commonly used in cough medicine and other consumable products. VG is thick and sweet. While
    commonly made from palm, soy or coconut oil, ours is made from rapeseed oil causing no harmful effects to any rainforests
  • 70mg (7.0%) Pharmacutacal USP / KOSHER Grade Nicotine in a PG or VG base diluted to
    strengths between 6mg - 24mg (0.6% - 2.4%)
  • Diacetyl free flavourings in an alcohol base manufactured specifically for electronic cigarettes. These flavourings may or may not contain traces of nuts and Ethyl Maltol
  • Trace amounts of Sucralose sweetener (typically used as a substitute for sugar in your coffee or tea). This applies to non tobacco based e liquid sonly, however there is an option to remove this
  • Trace amounts of Ethyl Maltol (as an optional extra)


Our Mixes

ichor liquid vape juice mixes

100% PG

Maximum throat hit, the least amount of vapor. A good option for those wanting to vape descretely.

70% PG / 30% VG

A great combination for those wanting the strongest throat hit, but still retain some smoothness VG offers.

50% PG / 50% VG

This is the perfect all round mix, the "Jack of all trades". Works wonders with all flavour categories,
provides a decent throat hit, and produces loads of vapor. This mix gets the Ichor Liquid vote!

100% True VG

Suited best for those with allergies to PG, those with Diabetes, or those who want to keep their e liquid as pure as possible. Pure VG e-Liquid offers the thickest, smoothest and sweetest vape with a mild throat hit. Make sure to keep a window or two open!

For those new to vaping, we advise trying a PG/VG mix first.

E Juice Options

Additional Flavours


This is optional for those who would like to enhance their e-Liquid.
Either add Extra Flavour or choose from a selection of alternative flavours.

Due to the number of options available, we are unable to guarantee each option will work
well with each other.

Menthol Flavouring

One of our most popular e liquid ingredients. For a few pennies we would be happy to mix Menthol or Menthol Ice flavouring into any
of your e-Liquids to add a cool little kick.

For extra kick, we can double up the amount of Menthol or Menthol Ice flavouring for those who truly love this deep cool sensation.

Flavour Enhancers

For those with a particularly sugary palette, we can maximize the sweetness by adding
a dash of sweetener to your mixes.

Syrupy Cotton Candy (Ethyl Maltol) is added to our Tobacco flavours to give them a lingering taste.

Sucralose (PG/ VG Base) is added to our Dessert and Fruit flavours to dust them off to perfection.

Alternatively, by default we add a small amount sweetener to all non tobacco e liquids,
however you can request to have no added sweetener added at all.

Message on the Bottle

For those purchasing e liquid via the basic configuration setting, an option to add a message
on the bottle is available (at a small cost). More information on this here

Unless otherwise and clearly stated, all our options are PG Free.

ichor liquid steeping e juice

Steeping Advice

Steeping is covered in our e liquid steeping guide; shown here, explaining what steeping is
and the various methods used to approach this.

In addition to our guide we have also included an e liquid steeping chart blog post,
which breaks down the steeping time required for each of our Ichor Liquid e liquid mixes using the
traditional steeping method (Time).

ichor liquid why choose our vape liquid

Why choose us. Our unique selling point

There are many reasons to buy from us, here are a few:

  • We are an established limited company, that has spent the last 2 years listening to you and understanding
    what it is you want.
  • Many of our customers find us after suffering allergy symptoms. These customers are still buying
    from us today.
  • We are the ONLY UK company offering true 100% VG e liquid. Many other company's would not justify
    the extra cost this involves. This is our priority.
  • Our e liquids are made fresh to order on a daily basis, mixed in a sterile envronment. We ship
    all orders within 24 hours of receiving them.
  • We will work with you, and through the process of elimination produce an e liquid that works for you.
    Allergy symptoms are not just down to PG based e liquids. It can be any number of ingredients typically
    found in pre mixed e juice. Unfortunately these symptoms are all similar making it difficult to isolate the problematic source. We have successfully helped many of our long term customers through this situation and all are still with us today.






Please refer to our e-liquid safety guide for more information. e-liquid contains
ingredients some people may suffer allergies from. Make sure you are fully aware about this
prior to purchasing from Ichor Liquid or contact us if you are unsure. We will help.

Taste is subjective to the individual and as such we cannot guarantee this product will be to your liking.
We advise you to try our 10ml samplers before purchasing larger quantites.