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  • New E-Cigarette Laws - A Brief overview of what to Expect

    2015 saw e-cigs make it to the mainstream as Britons took up vaping in droves. in fact, according to reports, a staggering 2.6 million adults presently in Britain have been confirmed to be using e-cigs with this figure expected to continue rising over the next few years. Interesting thing is, as much as their popularity continues to soar and so are the calls for greater regulation. This is clearly evident from the existence of a series of new rules set to come from the EU expected to come into effect from around the 2oth of may and are expected to make some very big changes on how you vape.

    It is equally important to note that from the said date, the 2001 tobacco productive directive will receive an update to allow for e-cigs to be classified as tobacco related product.

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  • Press Release - Ichor Liquid Rebranding

    TrueVAPE LTD has for a long time been a household name known for offering solutions and meeting the needs of E liquid consumers especially those with allergies to Propylene Glycol. Continue reading

  • The History Behind Electronic Cigarettes

    E Cigarettes A to Z

    Electronic Cigarettes sales have been increasing throughout the past decade. There have been numerous brands, sorts, and enhancements since the original commercially viable e-cig Continue reading

  • Are Electronic Cigarettes harmful to your health?

    Despite the fact smoking is a proven danger to people’s lives, a major population of the world still consists of smokers.  Smoking causes damage to almost all body organs and is a major cause of cancer. Many people addicted to tobacco have realized the effects of Continue reading

  • Is Vaping Safe?

    Let’s discuss the device itself here, and not the actual effects using an electronic cigarette can have on you. This is discussed in this article here. Continue reading

  • Do E-Cigarettes Help to Quit Smoking?

    The short answer to this question is Yes and No.

    If they were an effective device for quitting smoking they would be prescribed as medicines. Continue reading

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