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e Liquid About Us

About Us

Welcome to our new site.


We cater for those who have allergies to Propylene Glycol (PG), which is commonly found in the more commercial e Liquids available on the market.

Since the very beginning we have remained true to what we set out to do – and that is to help you.

We’ve received some very positive feedback from many of you and plan to continue this trend for years to come.

For those that already know us,you’ll have seen the couple of facelifts we’ve had since day one back in January 2013.

Back then we were selling the latest technology like every other online e Cig retailer but wanted to somehow set our business apart from the crowd.

And today we have taken a very bold step in relaunching Ichor Liquid to be the first and only UK based e-tail store offering 100% true VG e Liquid within the UK.

How did this come about you may ask?

I must thank my wife, Emily in this instance as without her as an unsuspecting “guinea pig’’ we would never have realised this.

My wife quit smoking 5 years ago – just decided she had had enough at 30 – and was really excited to hear I had converted to e Cigarettes a couple years back. Opinion was divided amongst our friends and Emily is not one to pass judgement until she has tried anything for herself.

SO WHAT HARM CAN IT DO COMPARED TO CONVENTIONAL SMOKING? After all, the e Cig has been tagged the safer alternative?

Well before long she had broken into one of her trademark rashes.

Emily has a skin allergy called hives - or ultricia is the medical term - which would start on her scalp and work its way down her face and body. When her histamine levels rise the raised legions would attack and she would looked like a hundred bees had attacked her.

This condition would last for days and would flare up at an instance. I thought I had never seen it worse than when she was first pregnant - with the rise in hormones - but trust me whatever was in the couple of mouthfuls she inhaled, this was worse. Anyway, Emily kept a food diary for a long time, and consulted a dermatologist for skin tests. We were told she was allergic to many things but highly sensitive to food additives, colourings and preservatives. However, which ones we will never know for sure.

We would never have suspected a reaction like this and with this knowledge our new site was born. I threw myself into R&D and have been working on this for over a year to make sure our product tasted as good as any commercial PG/ VG e Liquid but fundamentally would be 100% safe for allergy sufferers.

Our VG e Liquids

trueVAPE 100% VG E Liquids

The great thing about 100% VG is that regardless of whether you’re the slightest bit sensitive - VG is suitable for everyone – even consumers who are not prone to allergies. And best of all, it tastes great!

All our VG liquids are carefully hand mixed to order here in the UK – and can be personalised to your very specific tastes. When we say 100% VG - we mean 100% true VG.

There is zero trace of PG - not even in the base used for the flavouring concentrates - which many retailers overlook when claiming their product is PG free.

We are the only supplier you can trust with 100% VG as we know how our e Liquids are made and what they contain. There are many who have approached us about their allergies of sensitivity to PG who have all gone on to have astonishing success with our e Liquids.

In some instances we have narrowed the cause of the allergy to something other than PG. It could be that you are sensitive to Sucralose, a sweetener which is commonly found in e Liquid too.

So please, always tread with caution when considering a 100% VG e Liquid from a different retailer.

If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss your concerns first before purchasing from us or elsewhere.

Our pricing reflects the fact we are offering a premium product that is 100% VG authentic.

How can we help?

We pride ourselves in using minimal ingredients to produce the purest and the best tasting VG eLiquids the UK has ever seen.

Our quality ingredients all carry the usual USP, Kosher, Pharmaceutical labelling. We do not and will NEVER use inferior ingredients therefore our e Liquids are priced to match the premium quality we are offering.

Because we know EXACTLY what makes up our e Liquids, we can work with our customers to eliminate each ingredient to determine specifically which one is the culprit.

It may take some time to work out which element you are sensitive to as the symptoms for allergies to PG, VG, Nicotine, Flavourings and Sweetener all carry very similar characteristics.

At Ichor Liquid we want to work with you to realize which ingredient you’re allergic to before we can tailor make your “prescription” as it were, like so many before you.

All we ask is for your patience.

What next?

The fun begins once we’ve determined your allergy and for those of you familiar to our store and e Liquid configurator, will know that YOU control what goes into your bottle.

We make each e Liquid fresh to order giving you the power to tweak the strength and taste – our product is unique as no two bottles are ever the same. After all, we are all made different.

With this re launch we have worked harder to offer more choice and now fully cover the entire spectrum of combinations e Liquid has to offer, which includes:

  • 0% TO 2.4% (24mg) Nicotine
  • 100 % VG TO 100% PG
  • No Sweetener TO Extra Sweetener
  • Additional Flavourings (to enhance the taste to your liking)

Why choose us?

Contact us to find out - we look forward to hearing from you!